Uniti Atom power cord question

Hello there, anyone try to change power cord with something expensive will you notice some different?
And is there any diferent if my power cord go from wall direct in AMP, because my power cord cable go into multi power box then from that into Atom, sry for bad english…

Uniti Atom - Focal Aria 906, Speaker cable Chord Clearway…

A Powerline on a Nova gives a nice boost - no reason a better power lead shouldn’t help the Atom, but I’ recommend trying before buying if at all possible.


Hi, I’m also considering the same as the benefits of 4 on my main system - sadly in NZ and not the UAE where I have the Atom - are amazing. Glad to see no negative “overkill” feedback so far but maybe that will come?
Waiting to see if my Atom revives correctly after the recent FW update before committing.

I am satisfied with stock Atom power cord, I think it is good quality.

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