Uniti Atom & Revel Speakers? help!

All, rookie here. I have some Revel f206 speakers and want to upgrade to a Uniti Atom. I do not know much about power, but is the 40w enough to drive these speakers? If no, any good recommendations or work arounds? cheers, Bobby

In my experience you don’t use a £2,000 all in one to drive a £4,000 speaker, and not a complex multi driver speaker such as this. The Atom will get noise out of it but it won’t be a good match. I’d be looking at a Nova as a minimum, and ideally a NDX2/SN3 or better.

As HH says above, it’s a lot of speaker to be hanging on the end of Naim’s smallest all-in-one . For all that, a quick look at the secs and there’s nothing obviously nasty there; 88dB sensitivity and a nominal 8 ohm impedance should mean a relatively easy speaker to drive. But of course that doesn’t tell just what might be needed to make them really perform.

What does your dealer think? I see there are one or two very highly respected Naim dealers who carry both the Revels and Naim.

I am not much of a tech-guy, and I prefer to use my ears, but I am driving a pair of Dynaudio Countour S 3.4 LE (86db @ 4 Ohms) and that works very very well.

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