Uniti Atom’s wired network problems

How to manually set IP address on Uniti Atom using remote control?
Having problem as my home network all starting with 192.168.x.x but on my Atom the IP address starting with 169.x.x.x
By using wireless connection it will auto assign to the correct IP range but when I plugged in LAN cable it shows connected but with the different IP range.

Tried reset Atom but still same problem, hope someone can enlighten me on this issues.



Best advise on home networks is not to play with IP addresses.
Your broadband hub is designed to manage DHCP,
DHCP is designed for home network management, best leave it to do just that.

What ISP & broadband hub do you have.

169.x.x means it couldn’t get an IP via DHCP. Assuming you do have a DHCP server running, that likely means there’s an connectivity issue of some sort and setting it manually won’t help you.

What’s the LAN cable plugged into? Can you (as a test) plug it in directly into your router? Or if that’s already the case, try another cable?

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