Uniti Atom slow to be discovered by Roon

Hi all,
I’ve noticed that my Uniti Atom is very slow to be discovered by my Roon core when I had to reboot my server or restart the Roon service.
I think this is because the Uniti doesn’t announce its presence very often by sending the ‘magic’ packet to the broadcast address over udp 9003.
If I change the network setting on the Uniti (for example from dhcp to fixed ip or the other way around) I can see the packet leaving and Roon immediately discovers the Uniti.
Can someone from Naim confirm this and perhaps increase the frequency of these packets?
Anyone else having a similar experience?

Nope, Atom is always picked up instantly. This sounds like a mulitcast issue and its not getting registered to the correct mulitcast address that the Roon core discovers endpoints. What’s your network setup? What does your core run on?

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS in Proxmox container
I don’t think Roon uses multicast. Instead, it uses the subnets broadcast address like and port 9003 udp.
If I block these on my firewall, the Uniti isn’t detected in any way.
Multicast works fine, no issues with Chromecast or other devices that use mDNS.

It uses mdns for discovery of endpoints and it’s this reason people have issues as not all routers, WiFi and switches handle it equally especially WiFi and some have bad IGMP implementations so turning those off help users . It uses unicast for the discovery of the core from remotes.

Thx, I appreciate your help.
I do think it’s something specific to the Uniti.
I have tested with a RPi running RoPieeeXL and that is getting picked up immediately by the Core after a reboot.

Not a big issue, it’s not that I reboot the server that often, but it would be nice to get it resolved.

Does seem odd. What’s the Atom plugged into? the same route as the other stuff that work?

Same switch, nothing different about the way the traffic flows.
If I have some more time, I’ll do a packet capture to see if I notice anything odd, and if something is fundamentally different between the Uniti and the RPi.

Any Ubiquiti UniFi switches or access points in your network by chance?

No, no Unifi switches. I have a Unifi AP, but everything’s connected over cable.

Is your iPhone / control point on wifi via the UniFi AP? I ask, because I’ve had Nova discovery glitches with mDNS for Tidal Connect and Airplay (but not Roon) that seem related to something in the UniFi firmware / architecture.

You could try renaming your Atom to see if it quickly shows up; the advertisement beacon is triggered not only on power up but on renaming.

Just a random idea, but easy to try and you might find some clue… Different things work differently: I have two RPi4B, but different build versions, both runnning RoPiee; one has troubles, one not. Very difficult to figure out why much less fix! Good luck.

I have unifi throughout discovery is instant.

Thanks @garyi for sharing your experience. Glad you’re sorted.

But it’s a bit of a mystery… the experience even on the Ubiquiti forum is variable. For a while, there were issues with flooded networks when daisy chaining UniFi switches, but not for everyone. For a while, there were discussions about Airplay and other discovery challenges, but not for everyone. I’m at a loss as to what’s going on / wrong… my ISP uses VLANs to separate TV and telephone from the rest of the Internet traffic; I have no idea if that’s related. Or if it’s an unhappy configuration in the ISP router.

Anyway, some people have had discovery issues (definitely not all); sometimes forcing the Naim to re-advertise opens a path (definitely not always). I wasn’t trying to say it’s the root cause, just that it might be worth exploring, just in case. Something to think about that might not be on the straight line diagnostics path. Same goes for folks saying there’s a fault with the Naim firmware or app because some other hardware or software works fine… Not always a route to a solution, even if it’s an easy way to capture the frustration!

My phone and tablet are connected to the AP, but the issue lies with the Uniti - Core connection. The remotes work just fine. Chromecast and Spotify connect also work flawlessly.
When I unplug the network cable and reconnect it, or change some network related setting in the Naim app the Uniti shows up in Roon, almost instantly. Tested multiple times, the result is always the same.

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No problems here either. Initially a had a problem but that was a UPnP security setting on my router…

Is the ubuntu in the container? In which case what si that running on, or is roon within the container on ubuntu, in which case what is that running on? Is it just the naim in general you use with it?

I’ve been able to narrow it down some more.
It appears that if I open the udp ports above 32768 (the ones used by Chromecast), the connection is made instantly.
What I don’t understand is that it works if I reconnect the Uniti the the network, but if I restart the roonserver service it doesn’t.
Also, why doesn’t the RoPieeeXL have this issue?

@garyi I’m not sure I understand your question… Proxmox is the host OS, Ubuntu is running in an LXC container and that’s where Roon is installed.

Yeah sorry not a user of proxmox. Just trying to establish if between the host and the virtual there is an issue. I run roon in docker under unraid with touchwood never an issue. What router do you use?

Fully Uniif setup here and never had any major issues. I have 4 vlans one for Roon one for Plex, one for IoT and my main one. I have IGMP snooping on, MDNS routing is on, IGMP V3 is on the APs. Until I switched to using the USW16 for my main switch I had the odd Chromecast endpoint being slow at being discovered but since not an issue.

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Using OPNsense, virtualized in Proxmox.
Also working withseveral vlan’s. I had my Roon core on a different vlan and was working fine (except for the Uniti discovery), but I’ve moved everything (Roon endpoints and core) to the same vlan to eleminate that as a cause, but it’s the same. The Uniti won’t be detected unless that range of udp ports is open (unless after a network reconnect).
Only thing I can think of is Naim’s Roon implementation…

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