Uniti Atom & subwoofer compatibility

Hi, this is my first post here so be gentle…:smile:

So I’ve just acquired a lovely used Uniti Atom HDMI which is hooked up to a new pair of Dali Opticon 2 mk2 speakers.
Although the soundstaging and clarity is great i felt this combination was lacking some low end depth compared to the previous Marantz NR1200 receiver i had set up.
As i live in an apartment i cant have pounding basslines but to infill what was missing i added a tiny Cambridge Minx X201 subwoofer and this was more than sufficient on my old set up, to the point it was only noticed up a few clicks on the sub volume.
Anyway moving over to the Atom with this kit its as if theres hardly any subwoofer output from pre-outs.
Ive now had to turn the X201 volume fully up to even just about hear it which surely isnt right?
Ive tried it with a different cable and it made absolutely no difference so im wondering if the Atom was fussy on this part or i need to running it differently in regards of wiring up etc?

I’ve also got a lovely little atom into a pair of Spendor A5Rs… a little extra input from a sub would help esp with low vol listening. I’ll watch your thread and by posting will get it back to the top of the pile… one of the more seasoned team will be along soon! :smile: Oh, and welcome!

Isn’t there a high level input and take a feed from the speakers

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