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Hello, in naim app audio setting, max volume is set to 85, is there any diference if i put on 100? I mean sound quality… maybe stupid question but i read somewhere someone write its better sound quality on 100

No not sq wise it’s just a cap to stop the amp reaching 100% output it’s analogue with a digital control. Its very handy for rogue apps that also can control the units volume. The volume readout will still be able to go to 100 but that will be only 85% of the units total amp output. So you need to have the volume higher at 85% to reach the same output level if it was 100%.


There is one tale on this forum of a Uniti using a rogue app from a mobile and going at full volume until it destroyed the speakers

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The owner was out at the time and it played for several hours destroying (I believe ) a rather nice pair of Spendors and his relationship with his neighbours

And it was the Spotify app which, once connected to the streamer, can control the volume even if you are not in the same local network anymore but on the other side of the globe. Unless you specifically go into the Spotify settings and enable “only show local devices” or some such.


You’re correct, someone did; you could try searching to find the thread if interested. Naim say it shouldn’t affect SQ and my ears agree with that, but yours might not. You could always experiment with listening to some music with max set at 100 and then again at a lower max value but the same volume. Do report back if you reliably find a difference.


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