Uniti Atom vs 72/140/HiCap

I’ve got a 72/140/HiCap powering Credo’s and I love how it sounds. I only use it for streamed content, so I was debating replacing the 72/140/HiCap it to a Uniti Atom to simplify and I was wondering how the two systems would compare?

They wouldn’t. 72/Hi/140 every time.


Dunk your head in a bucket of cold water and wake up the pre power combo every time.


Listen to them both and make your mind up. Don’t go by what others say.

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I would keep the old kit. It sounds and looks better and you already like the sound so no risk.

Purely as an amplifier, the NAC72, Hicap and NAP140 should walk it. If not, question should be asked whether something is awry or the kit needs servicing.

Of course, it may also boil down to source; What do you currently use as a streaming source into the 72/HC/140?


I’m currently just using a Chromecast Audio.

One of the reasons that the Uniti appealed to me was that there was better flexibility to stream via Roon, AirPlay and Chromecast all which of get use in my household. Volume control is another. I’d prefer both of these features, and the simplicity of one box, but if I’m going to be disappointed in how it sounds and if it’s going to lose some of its magic, then that is way less appealing.

well that’s a different equation now.

your source clearly not upto the challenge.

However there are a range of very good sources available that will work very well with the Google Chromecast audio…

such as Chord Mojo …

I’m looking to replace the Chromecast Audio because I’d also like Airplay and ideally better Roon integration.

Tidal -> Chromecast is horrible unfortunately because app keeps disconnecting and wanting to play locally.

Agree with Analogue the Chromecast can be really improved with a seperate dac I’m using mine with a Musical Fidelity V DAC/V PSU and am really happy with it but it’s only my secondary source my first is a record player.
As streaming is your primary source I would splash out on a better streamer altogether depending on your budget there are numerous options that paired with the 72/HC/140 would beat an Atom.

There are a substantial number of people using an Allo Digione into a Dac into Naim amplification on this forum. This includes me. I also have a 72/hi/140 (temporary a 200 since the 140 is out for service). It is well-balanced and it takes significant money to improve it. Personally, I look to replace my Chord Mojo by a s/h Naim Dac since I miss the bravoure of a Naim Dac a bit. Maybe I also keep the Mojo.

Have you thought of a new nd5xs2?

The size of that doesn’t really fit the space I have available. I’d rather use a Uniti as a streamer because of form factor and display than the ND5XS2.

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I have a Qute, and I’ve just bought 72/140 (and for sure an HiCap as soon as possible).
I will put the Qute in source on the system

… which also begs the question how the 72/hi/140 is setup. There is a major degradation in sq when the 72 is on top of the 140 or (shock horror) hicap. If space is at a premium and there is really no way to setup the 72/hi/140 it should be, a Uniti kind of solution might well be the direction.

Unfortunately Naim have moved away from the ‘shoebox’ format, so if you want a digital source for such a system, I would probably look at a non-Naim option. There are lots of small DACs that would fit, such as some Chord models, or a Naim V1 of course, but then you need a computer or other streaming box to feed it.
There are a few one-box streamer/DACs that might give you what you want, such as the Innuos Zen Mini Mk3. A Bluesound Node also probably ticks all of your boxes, although I don’t know if it’s sound quality is up to the job as haven’t had a proper listen to one in a Naim system.

The 72 is up on a cabinet while the HiCap and 140 are a few feet away on the floor, so there’s some separation.

Ah, thats good. When I just had them, I had the 140 on the floor, and the 72 on a cabinet. Then I moved it into a rack and put the 72 and 140 next to each other. It took a while - I thought something wrong on the new cables - but the sound enormously cleared up when the 72 was put a few shelves higher. ‘veal lifted’ - as they say here.

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