Uniti Atom w/ main speakers + headphone amp

Hi all, I am keen to purchase a Uniti Atom as an all in one streamer DAC to use with my main speakers. I also want to use it as a preamp for my tube headphone amp (Little Dot MKVIII tuned for the Sennheiser HD800s). Is it feasible to have this setup at the same time? Or will the main speakers also be turned on while the headphones are in use? Do I need some kind of switching device?

The Atom only seems to have a pre-amp output, so the volume will change with the speaker volume.

I think Atom have very good headphone out (its not close connected with topic).

From my experience it’s not very good at all.

You can use the preamp out but it won’t mute the speaker output so you need to have those muted or volume at zero.

From my humble experience it is very good.

This won’t work. A pre out means post volume control, and is intended primarily to connect an external power amp or sub. Connecting a headphone amp will mean that the Atom volume control would affect both the speakers and the headphone amp, so you would need to unplug the speaker cables.

I really think Naim have made a mistake on the new and old Unitis (aside from the original Uniti and Uniti2) in not having a fixed volume line out. Headphone amps are just one use for it.

Oops, got my pre-out mixed with line out!

Easily done! :grinning:

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