Uniti Atom, when there will be next generation? Speakers for Atom?

Hi. I’m thinking of buying Uniti Atom, but also wondering if there will be somekind of update to it, because it is already few years old. It would’t be nice to buy it now if there will be next generation on market after a while. So any idea about this? I haven’t been following Naim for a long, so I don’t know how often they upgrade or make a new versions of their products. I would really appreciate any information concerning this issue.

I planned to buy either KEF R7 or Focal Aria926 or 936 with Uniti Atom. Room is normal livingroom, about 25m2. Ideas if these options would be ok with Uniti Atom or please recommend even better options in the same price range (2500-3500€).

I can’t see it getting updated for a while as the new streaming platform is still being rolled out with the launch of new streamers recently. Re speakers the 926 should be fine

The Unitiqute2b sounds great with the Blumenstein Audio Triton (was Thrashers, now upgraded.) I feel certain they will work with the Atom. You can add a sub if you need it. This is customer direct from Seattle with no dealers, but Clark may work with you for a trial period. They can be shipped by UPS easily. These speakers are very simple, designed for low power tube amps, and they rock with Naim. We use Crimson Electronics speaker cables instead of NACA5. We learned about them from a West Coast Naim dealer who had used them for commercial applications for price sensitive customers. We fit the description and he was so right.

I might also look at the Neat speakers.

I agree, the last Naim streaming platform lasted about ten years, with various updates along the way, so I’d say the Atom is still near the start of it’s life cycle.

Thanks for your opinions. I guess then there is only one thing to do, go shopping.

Have fun! I’d try to keep an open mind about speakers, and try as many as you can. You never really know if you’re going to like them until you’ve heard them in your own room.

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