Uniti Atom with Revel F36 or Elac 247.4

I need to buy a new hifi system to equip our 2nd home, where I would mainly listen to my CD collection that I just finished ripping, plus some streaming. I listen mostly to jazz (maybe 70%), plus some rock/pop/world.
I’m almost decided to buy the Naim Uniti Atom as the main component, but concerning the speakers, I’m still undecided … So far, the ones I liked the most in my budget range (around 2000$) are the Revel Concerta F36, and the Elac Carina 247.4.
The problem is that meaningful comparisons are hard to do, as I could only listen to them in different shops with different amps etc…
Also, a friend expressed some doubts that the Naim Uniti Atom (output 40W/8ohms) would be able to drive effectively those tower speakers…

Any comments or suggestions from the community ?
Which speakers would you suggest among those two (or any others) for my listening habits, and would they be ok with the Naim ?

Thank you !

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my atom is fine with my monitor audio bx5. I was worried reading things about 40w being too low etc…but its not been a problem at all. I think some people get too hung up on that for no reason. The elacs have a recommended amp from 30w to 250w so will be fine. I dont know anything about the revels but id be shocked if the atom didnt drive them happily

It might be useful to know which part of the world you’re in as many people on here for example, from the UK, may suggest speakers which are not readily available where you are.
Neat, Kudos, PMC and various others seem to be favourites here.
I’ve heard other speakers sounding great but also other sounding terrible to my ears with Naim equipment.
Regarding the power, it really depends on the sensitivity of the speakers being driven.
In days gone by, when the Naim Nait was delivering 15 watts per channel, it outperformed many “so called” 80 watt per channel amps from many Japanese companies.
I imagine the Naim dealer from where you might buy the Atom would have some good suggestions and at least you’d be able to hear them in his store, if not as a home demo.

Don’t worry with the Concerta, I think I remember that Revel product line being quite sensitive. Your friend may be staring too long at the Watts? With Naim Unity that comes with relatively high current, so the Atom does a pretty good job driving speakers that may seem too big for the cute brushed aluminium box. If my dealer hadn’t offered me cannot-refuse deal on a Star (with HDMI + DAB! that was technically second hand having been sold 10 days before but returned) I would have gone for the Atom, which I auditioned in the dealer’s room connected to multiple speakers.

Oh, and welcome to the forum Riccardo!

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Thank you all for your inputs !
Blythe, I’m buying the speakers in Singapore.

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