Uniti Atom

Are there any issues playing vinyl via the Atom or would it be better to go down the integrated amp route eg Nait 5SI or XS 3?

Depends what turntable you want to attach to it I would say.

There are no issues with attaching a vinyl source to a Uniti device. Keep in mind that it does not have a phono stage so you will need an external one.

Also keep in mind that the Atom will encode the analog signal to digital before playing it. However the conversion is lossless so on any turntable that is balanced with an Atom there should be no difference in the end result of what comes out of the speakers.

Signals that are fed to the speakers have to be analogue unless to active speakers with an incorporated digital to analogue converter, all the poster needs to do is plug in his deck via the correct type of phono stage in to the analogue phone inputs on the back of the atom

Yep that is pretty clear. But the Atom will still encode it to digital first. Then it decodes again to analogue. As does all Uniti devices with the analog signal, in order to support things like multiroom. Which may cause some to rather go for an all analog path. Which is why I mention it.


Hi Kev- the Atom incorporates an integrated amp, it will make a fantastic job fronting your deck, you may need a phonostage, a small amp that boosts the tiny signal from your cartridge- you will need the correct phonostage to match your cartridge, either moving magnet (mm) or moving coil (nc). Some decks have onboard stages, you will have to check

Ah I see what u mean, I was not aware of that, thank you

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As for phono stage, if you go for something like the XS 3, there is already a built in Moving Magnet phono stage. So you can connect your TT to it directly.

With the Atom you will indeed need to buy a separate phono stage, as @JonnySidemouth mentions, unless the turntable already has one built in.

Do you have a turntable yet, or an idea of what you would want to go for?

The Atom is an all in one, with streamer dac and amplifier, so it’s a different proposition to a dedicated amplifier. The XS3 is significantly better as an amplifier than the Atom, but does less. You really need to work out what functionality you want the system to have.


Does anybody know what is the best dac to pair with XS3 that’s not naim nd2 xs5 (cheaper)?

You may get a bigger range of answers if you put this question into a new thread on the forum. Many folks may miss it hidden in a thread that is about vinyl on an Atom :smiley:

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for stand alone dacs the chord qutest £1350, a second hand n-dac £900ish, rme adi-2 under £1000, and topping d90se £800-900 would all be on my short list to demo if possible. If you want streaming too you could add a bluesound node (with internal dac disabled if you decide to go the standalone dac route) or a pure transport for example ifi audio zen. For an alternative streamer with dac innous are releasing the pulse mini £899 or if you also have cds there is their already released zen mini mk3 starts at £1049.

Getting the Uniti Atom will stretch my budget but I’m thinking ahead and making it the centrepiece of the system hopefully fully for years to come. The TT would be a Rega probably even if it’s the P1 with a built in phono stage.

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I know. That’s the conundrum. I can see the benefits of going down the XS3 route but the sheer bang for your buck of the Atom is attractive.

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Especially if you bought a traded in pre-loved one.

Then falls also the questions of the speakers, the room, etc. One is 40w the other 70w or so.

Personally, I have UnitiQute and it changed my music life. For sure I’ll save for an Atom if not the Nova because I will want “full” freedom for speaker choice if my P3ESR don’t fill my room. Many like it the other way around…. As long you like what you do and hear.
After I’ll connect a phono stage on it but that will be my last step. What will be yours? :slight_smile:

Rega turntables are awesome. They sound good and take the puzzling out of putting one together. You just go with the TT, the recommended cartridge and phono stage and it all works together out of the box.

FWIW I have a Rega P6 with Ania Pro MC and Rega Aria phono that is plugged into my Atom HE. As far as I know this combo is capable of powering a better amplifier setup than the HE but it is sounding really good. So on the standard Atom you could probably go a bit higher than the P1 if you have the budget.

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Many thanks for that advice and your contribution. Appreciated.

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Planar 1 is a nice entry level turntable but you can do a lot better for not that much more cash.
With the risk of running unbalanced setup I’d save a bit on amp if your main source will be turntable.

Not sure what speakers but if second hand amps is accepted you can get higher hierarchy at less cash, even Supernait 2 or separates.

If your upcoming amp doesn’t have phonostage inside, Rega do a nice Fono-stage to match say a P3 or P6, don’t get fooled by its low price its very competitive.

If your not set on Rega decks, the Technics SL1200 mk7 or 1500C is really good and solid direct drives, almost plug and play, priced around Planar 3 level.
I’d stick a VM95 or VM540 micro line cartridge depending on budget, cheaper elliptical stylus also available as a start.

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Well I finally took the plunge and now have a brilliant Uniti Atom. It’s fantastic. I’ve paired it with a Pro-Ject Debut Pro TT, a Zen preamp and Kef LS50 Meta speakers. Haven’t tried out the TT yet as I’m waiting for the hifi rack to arrive and don’t want to set it all up only to have to move it. So I’ve been listening to music streamed via Qobuz (previously I have used Deazer & Apple Music). Very pleased with the streaming and can’t wait until I get the TT set up and give my vinyl a new life.


Congrats. Looks like a nice, well balanced system

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