Uniti atom

Hello I have a quick question about the Atom, why is the HDMI input missing on some photos on the rear?

On the Naim webpage the HDMI is missing in the picture, there’s is something I don’t recognise in its place.

Other phots show HDMI as an afterthought screwed on a separate plate.

Because it’s an optional extra , or at least was. Not sure.

It was an optional extra when first launched. They revised it and now it’s included as standard I believe.

All clear now, it looks like a bit of an afterthought though with a plate screwed on.
Anyone know if the new ones are made flush as on the star and nova?

It has put me off buying one to be honest.

Just notice it’s the same on the nova too. Looks a bit cheap to be honest on what most consider a premium product.

Linn seem to have the right idea.

It’s because it was conceived as a dealer-fit optional extra and the products were launched before the HDMI input module was available.

So I don’t think you should regard it as a cheap afterthought, because it wasn’t.



Do you spend a lot of time looking at the rear of your equipment?

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No not really, however I do check the specs on anything I may purchase, would you buy a new car without checking what the specs are, what’s included and what’s not or as an extra?

Have fun looking underneath the car when you go to your dealer.

Ooh Matron :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

Despite the levity, you are spot on. I think it’s been answered now

I don’t look under the car but I do check over the specs and define what I want and am paying for, I also check contracts before signing.

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