Uniti Atom

Is it correct that this has had a price jump to £2250 as of Feb 1st?

It’s news to me - next across the board increase is scheduled for April?

I’ve seen a list, where the non-HDMI version of the Atom has disappeared while the HDMI-version has stayed on it’s previous (higher) price level. Think I saw a comment somewhere here on that the last weeks.

In The Netherlands, the non-HDMI version is not available anymore …

There is no non-HDMI Atom any more. Been mulling over an Atom for a while, at Xmas a dealer said they’d been advised by Naim that as of end January, only the HDMI-fitted ones would be available so to order ASAP if HDMI wasn’t necessary .

Demoed and ordered mine January 19th - when the dealer went to place the order, they were unable to pick the non-HDMI version from their online system (yet were kind enough to honour the lower price).

Worth adding that I’m totally in love with my Atom. It’s my kitchen/diner system and gets more use than the living room separates. Replaced a decent Arcam DAC/Cyrus amp/psu and the difference is sound quality/enjoyment is enormous, and still only had around 10 hours use.

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Thankfully I was planning to get the hdmi version anyway. I guess if it is £2250 for the hdmi version then the price rise isn’t quite so bad.

If you’re in the U.K. have a look at the big multi-store dealers, they’re often rotating demo models and you get a few hundred pounds off.


Thanks - i’ll take a look!

I feel lucky I got mine at the original launch price of 1750, I thought consumer electronics went down in price not up. Never thought of my Atom as an investment :slight_smile:

Anyone using Atom with their TV. Trying to work out with one HDMI input how I can use one instead of my Yamaha AV amp. I want better sound quality having had Audio Research and Proac separates in the past. Understand ARC back from TV but wondering how to connect Blu-ray, Sky Box and Roku stick, plus Subwoofer.

Sorry, not meaning to hijack thread.



What should work, from what I’ve read:

  • Connect all sources to the TV.
  • Connect the TV via HDMI-ARC to the Atom. (And select “stereo PCM stream” as output.)
  • Connect the main speakers to the Atom.
  • Connect the subwoofer to the pre-out of the Atom. (Or connect it via high-level connect to the speakers connection.)
  • Use your TV to select in between all the inputs; Atom stays fixed on the HDMI-input.

This could also work with a S/PDIF connect from TV to Atom. (Which is what I currently use; with just a single add-on unit connected via HDMI to the TV and without sub.)

The above would totally ignore your AV amp and reduce you to a 2.1 setup (assuming you have 5.1 or similar today).
If you want to keep 5.1+, the setup must look different. (Taking output from AV amp into the Atom via analog input (assuming the AV amp has a “pre out”), re-connecting the main speakers to the Atom and keeping the surround parts plus sub connected to the AV amp. I.e. you use the Atom as a better power-amp for the main speakers. Keep all your input going into the AV amp and it connected to the TV as usual. As much as I understand…)

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Never been interested in 5.1 so just looking at stereo plus subwoofer.

Could I connect Sky and Blu-ray to Atom with Optical,saving long HDMI cables running to my wall mounted tv, thereby having only ARC via HDMI, from TV to Atom?

Also, confused with subwoofer when people mention High Level connection what does that mean and what is the difference from using the pre out to the subwoofer?

Thanks again

Not really.
You would get all the audio into the Atom; but no video to your TV anymore.
(Video has to go via HDMI; and cannot pass through the Atom.)

I use mine for TV but I feed it into the analogue ins from the preouts of my AV amp.

I wont to buy Atom. If I get without hmdi conector -what will lose in practise? What is main diference?
Shold I change fabric power cable?

HDMI is only for sending audio from your TV to the Atom. If you don’t need to connect your TV, you don’t need it.

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Hi Engine and welcome, the HDMI connection/option is only really relevant if you wish to connect your TV ARC output to the Atom and play back through your system, this option makes no other difference to how the Atom will sound or operate.

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Cold I send audio by optical cable from TV? What is diferece in sound cuality?

Yes you can and I’m sure many do and are happy with result, sorry can’t help you re quality comparison haven’t heard both.

Optical will work fine, but with HDMI you can adjust lip-sync if needed.