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First post on the forum.
I recently treat myself to a Uniti Core. So far, I am loving it. I have previously used a Unitiserve, but traded it in about 6 months ago (mistake). If I remember correctly, the Desktop Client informed me of the number of albums on the drive. I can’t seem to find this information on the Core from the app.
I have a 2TB SSD, with a 1.82TB capacity. So far, I have ripped 39 CDs and now have 1.81TB remaining. I suppose I could just work it out from the remaining capacity, although I was wondering it the information was there as to the number of files on the drive.
Thanks for any feedback.

Hi, in the Naim app go to the Core, select Albums and scroll to the bottom of the page. You should see the number of albums there. Much the same as in the N-Serve app for the Unitiserve.

I don’t recall whether the Core displays the amount of storage used/available, but if you navigate to its drive on a computer you will be able to see it there.

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If you go into the settings on the app it will show how much of the disc space has been used likewise the same for the back up drive.

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HI Chris and pcd.
Thanks for the replies.
I could have swore that I looked at the bottom of the Albums list, but did not see it. Well it definitely is there now. Yes this is certainly a fantastic machine and the app works great with it. I love it.
Thanks again you two.


I use an the Android app (both release & Beta versions) on my phone & the album numbers are not at the bottom of the Album list on either my Nova or Core. I have often wished to know this information just as a matter of interest.

Is this an IOS feature only?

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Yep, I can confirm that we can only see the total count of the ripped albums at the bottom of the list on Naim Focal app with iOS device only. I can see the number with my iphone and ipad,but not with my Samsung Galaxy Note that operate on android

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NAIM has always shown a preference for its IOS apps. n-Serve was never available on an android device.

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Actually the figure displayed, is the number of discs and not necessarily albums. If you have lots of multi disc albums, there could be a big difference between discs and albums.

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