Uniti Core and EMI Classics

Anyone else found that the Core will not rip these CDs?

Can you explain a little more……no metadata, refuses to rip and ejects?

Refuses to rip
Can run overnight and not rip at all
Has been a problem with several box sets
All EMI classics

Not tried ripping a classics box set……perhaps @davidhendon may have a few ideas?

It’s not a problem I have seen. So you put one of these CDs in the Core and nothing happens at all? But if you put a different CD in then it rips as usual? Does the misbehaving CD work ok in a CD player? Did you try a power off restart of the Core?

If it’s seems just to be these particular CDs then they may have had a copy protection system that means the Core doesn’t recognise them as Red Book CDs. In that case the best bet is probably to rip them with a PC and copy them into the downloads folder of the Core.



Have looked a bit deeper through our friend Google and it seems that Warner CDs do seem to give some problems on some computer drives

I will try ripping to my MacBook but I am aware that now iTunes is ‘Music’ I may need to open an account to do this

You could install dBpoweramp or another Mac ripping software


If they are copy protected they are not red book cd you are entitled to your money back. Even musicMagpie agreed a second hand cd they sent me which was copy protected……was not a true red book cd. Hope it works out.

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I found iTunes to be as good as anything for ripping copy protected CDs so that would be my suggestion. Unless it’s changed recently you don’t need a subscription to so this.

At one point EMI used copy protection quite extensively. Is there any indication that copy protection was used?

I’m not sure how I would otherwise tell.
I did rip some of these CDs with my old Mac mini but Apple seem to be making it difficult to use ‘apple music’ as a simple ripping and music management tool
I did find through google a number of posts to various places suggesting that some CD recorders were worse than others and some people had no problem with iTunes
I will have a look at the CDs abd boxes when I get home to see if they are red book standard

This is it, they should have some note that they are copy-protected (if they are), at least it was so in the past when this stupidity was all the rage

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