Uniti Core and Jitter

So, I finally decided to add a Uniti Core to free up much needed wall space, drawers, shelves from CD clutter. Being a vinyl junkie, I will admit that my CD playback is a bit long in the tooth, i.e., Arcam Delta 170 Transport/Arcam BB5 DAC/CAL Audio Aplha DAC/Genesis Digital Lens/Alessis 9600 digital recorder/player.

Disappointed initially by the sound of the Uniti Core/CAL DAC via S/PDIF, I added the Digital Lens back into the mix and things improved. One benefit of the GDL is that it shows aincoming jitter measurement (+/- 1000 PPM). I was a bit surprised to see that the Uniti Core gave a reading of +189 PPM vs. -187 for Arcam transport. I’ve sent a email to Naim Support re: the Uniti Core’s jitter numbers but haven’t heard back as yet.

Why am I asking? The Unit Core I bought was a dealer demo and has only a 90 day warranty. And interestingly enough, every transport I’ve tried, but one, (Primare CD21) has shown jitter and all sounded better using the GDL (except Primare CD21). So, does this jitter value of +189 seem high or in an acceptable range? Should I be concerned?

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