Uniti Core / App Issue

Probably not in correct forum so ill apologize in advance. I suddenly have a problem with my 5 month old Uniti Core server. When i call my music up by Artist then Album i get album art but no song list. It works fine when i call it up by album only. Problem is its much easier to search by Artist then Album. I have uninstalled and reset the app multiple times. This worked fine for 5 months the only thing i can figure out is the App update on 3/3 may have rendered my older Samsung S10e useless with this app. Any ideas are appreciated.

I don’t know, this may sounds an absurd advice, but I’ll say it anyway.

“Try using iphone or ipad, or any iOS based devices instead of an android device like Samsung”

My Samsung Notes S20 is nearly useless for focal naim app, but works really well with my ipad and my wife’s iphone.

@WCotter no need to apologise, but if you would like suggestions / answers, first move the thread to the Streaming Audio room, then amend the title to include …/ Android App Issue.
If you don’t know how to do either ask @Richard.Dane.
Home Theatre room will miss a few peps who may have an idea.
While there may be more iOS users around than Android, hence @HAS sense of humour; if you only have Android then hopefully someone will be along to guide you.
Perhaps also edit your original post to add details of whether you use a NAS or simply a HDD with your Core.

Wrong Richard tagged, again.

that’s why i don’t use my own name…to avoid another duplicate!

Thanks Everyone, looks like an App issue after all.


That explains :thinking::roll_eyes:

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