Uniti Core backup settings

Backup Status reports : “no backup device is configured”
This is not the case, backup is configured and performed successfully in the past but Core can not retain backup settings permanently.
Everything is reported normally if i pull the power plug and reboot the device. But after a while settings are lost again.
Is this a bug? Can i do something?

This is not a currently reported bug so far as I know. I can recall one time several years ago when I had to power off restart my Core for it to remember that it had an existing backup and do an incremental backup rather than a full backup, but it’s been ok since. I reported that within the beta testing process and Naim replicated and fixed that bug at the time.

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I have have this problem today…part way through a small incremental back up the app showed “error”
And now says no back up drive is configured…have tried the usual…shut down etc but am still getting the above message.
My dealer thinks that the WD external hard drive may have failed…have ordered a replacement today…
Does anyone have other views ?
Also the last rip to the Core was perfect …so not sure if it’s a Core problem …should a portable hard drive remain connected to the Core permanently or be disconnected after each backup as I have been doing ?

I think your dealer is probably right.

You should disconnect the backup drive when you have finished the backup, so that won’t be the cause of your problem.

Thank you David…will report back once the new drive turns up tomorrow.

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All good now ! New WD drive arrived…formatted and 8 hours later …bingo ! A complete back up.
Looks like the original back up drive has just failed.
Thanks David.

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