Uniti Core Can't see NAS


I just purchased a used Uniti Core to replace my Unitiserve SSD that never had any issues connecting with the same NAS. The NAS stores all my ripped CDs and I use that to stream music to the Unitiserve. For some reason, the Core cannot see the NAS so I am unable to set up the NAS as a “Store” in the Naim app. I am not particularly computer savvy so if anyone could offer some advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

First thing to check is that your Core is on the latest firmware. You can select “Check for updates” in the settings for Core in the Naim app.

Also it would next be worth turning off the Core, your NAS and router, leave it a minute or two then restart the router, then when it has fully restarted restart your NAS and then after that your Core. Then try to add the NAS as a Music Share again.

@davidhendon , as quite always….is the reference here for the Core.

I got this figured out. I needed to go into the settings and enter the user name and password to access the NAS. Once I did that everything worked. Thanks for the help.

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