Uniti Core CD ripping in MP3 Format

As far as I remember NAIM HDX had an option of making mp3 copy of a CD in parrallel with lossles WAV/FLAC version. Does Uniti Core have this option? And the second question about Core. Is it possible to convert previously ripped files from wav to flac and vice a versa?

The Core can rip in either wav or flac, but you will have to go into settings to change this when you want to rip in a different format to the previous rip. It cannot rip in mp3. However music downloaded in mp3 can be added to the downloads folder.

I believe these functions of the old Naim servers have not been provided on the Core. To make any such changes, you would need to copy the albums to the Downloads folder or onto a computer, where you can make the changes using third party software.

It’s a pity. It was very convenient to make one version of а CD for a home system and another in mp3 for a car. It’s strange that this option disappearded in the current generation of servers.

Although I never use it myself, I’m sure the MP3 parallel library would be useful for some. However, there are a lot more people using AAC now, who may prefer that. Either way, it would be easy enough to make copies on a computer for use on portable players.

The problem is that if the main library is in WAV format it’s difficult to convert files directly to mp3 with all tags on a computer because NAIM uses it’s own tag format for folders with WAV files.

Yes, that is a problem with Naim rips, easily overcome with the HDX and Unitiserve, but unfortunately not with the Core. You would ideally need to rip to FLAC in order to use on non-Naim devices.

I’ve been waiting patiently for more than 18 months for a good reason to swap out my UnitiServe (2TB HD) for a Core. Looks like I’ll have to carry on waiting! I rip all new CDs to FLAC, with an Mp3 version going simultaneously into the LQ folder. The US transcodes back into WAV for hifi playback and sounds wonderful. I grab whatever I want from the LQ folder for my USB sticks I use for my car’s Bose system, which sounds great and doesn’t waste space.

Perhaps when (if) the US bites the dust I’ll have to swap to the Core, but, from what I read, there’s stiff competition from other brands, or I could just go for the NAS solution which works well for many members.

I suspect the new Naim streamers are less susceptible to different file formats, and I wonder if this was why Naim decided not to add transcoding on the fly, or indeed any transcoding, to the Core. It is one of the things that would put me off buying one, though.

I also like my old HDX. This is a great machine. But unfortunately it needs repair for a second time during 3 years. Probably its hdd died and it’s not possible to change it outside authorized center.

I also liked my HDX, but swapped to a Core + NDX when it failed. The inability of the Core to convert files between WAV and FLAC or to transcode on the fly are significant downsides.

I hope these are added in a future firmware update, otherwise the appeal of the Core is limited.

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