Uniti Core Digital out

Been a while since I have been on here, couldn’t even get my old profile back up.

12 years ago I started my Naim journey with a NS01. Have upgraded to a HDX some years ago. And now it’s time to change the HDX… or is it?

I currently run the HDX into my ndac and am very happy, but want to try these quiz/tidal options

So, do I swap the hdx for a core. Or just add a nd5xs 2 into the mix

Both options will be into my ndac xps combo

Is the digital out on core comparable to nd5xs2??

Thought about going ndx2 but the improvement over ndac might not be what I thought it may be.

Thanks all

I would go for the ND5XS2. It makes a good digital transport via SPDIF. The Core has no iRadio or Tidal, you could add one as well as the ND5 or just a USB drive or NAS might be all you need if you are looking to replace your HDX.

Thanks for the info

I thought that the core could do both tidal and quiz along with internet radio

I did like the iRadio function on the hdx. But not all stations work now as compressions have changed.

Maybe a innous might be for me

Innuos could well be a good alternative. Where Naim have chosen to limit the abilities of the Core far more than the HDX and Unitiserve, Innuos servers are really streamers too, in that they support Tidal, Qobuz, Roon, iRadio etc.

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Do you need the ripping functionality of a a Core or Innuos? If not, you are essentially looking for a digital transport that supports Tidal/Qobuz and connects to your DAC. The new Innuos Pulse series might be of interest. Depending on your budget something like a Wiim Mini Pro or one of the Auralic products are other options.
The ND5XS2 is certainly an option but as a pure transport I always feel like you are only using half of what you are paying for.

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All good points. I guess I am trying to figure out where to go with my system

I know the HDX dig out isn’t the best considering what it out there. So adding something to do the stores music to digital transport, then into my dac.

The innous zen mini has a dig out. But again is it a good digital out?

I think I still want the ability to rip, but will quboz/ tidal change my mind?

If you could download and store locally I would be sold.

Do t like the idea of loosing internet and missing music, or not being able to have stuff on my phone ready for the car.

Maybe I will hold off to see what Naim has in store for next year

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