Uniti Core - Downloads Folder - Numpty Question

Will Metadatics do it? It looks a bit more Mac friendly and is in the app store.

Metadatics is a good option for Mac.
I’m not sure if there’s a way to do this by batch, as doing one track at a time would be pretty tedious.
However, I would proceed with caution, maybe just do one album and see what happens. I can vaguely recall others posting about this issue, where the track file name (with number) was somehow being read rather than the metadata. Like folder view instead of tag view. The problem with deleting the numbers is that they dictate the track order in an alphanumeric list, so deleting them means that the tracks are listed and played in alphabetical order.

David. The unitiserve imports are definitely in the music folder. But when I access them via the Naim app (by clicking on the core option), then click the three dots, every CD imported from the unitiserve has neither the edit metadata nor the delete album options.

If I have ripped a CD via the core, these two options DO come up. That’s my problem. I can’t edit metadata via the Naim app for imported files. Do you mean that instead I need to edit them via a laptop connected to the network?

How do you know they are in the Music folder? You can’t tell from the app because they all appear in the same place wherever they are actually stored. You can tell though by looking with a PC and seeing where they actually are located.

The reason I say that is that as far as I know, you always get the edit and delete options for music in the Music folder and never get edit or delete for music in the Downloads folder.

If they are in the Downloads folder then the only way to edit them is with a PC or Mac. If they are in the Music folder the only way to edit them is via the app.



I can see all my unitiserve rips in the music folder when I look at them via my laptop. All my downloads via Bandcamp go into the downloads folder. So all seems ok on that basis. But I simply cannot edit my unitiserve rips via the Naim app, although they do sit in the music folder. The three dots does not offer me that option. But I do get the edit options for CDs ripped via the core, they too are in the music folder. It’s weird.

By the way, I imported my music from a Unitiserve to my Core a couple of times (because I did it a second time after one of the early major firmware updates that introduced metadata editing that respected imported edits.)

It’s amazing that Naim chose to launch the Core without that functionality but that’s what happens when you don’t public beta test new products, a problem that Naim still hasn’t addressed.

My Unitiserve rips were all imported into the Music folder. It’s not a choice I made, just what the Core chose to do. But I recall being told at the time that if the Core isn’t sure where the files came from, for example if the Naim-specific metadata files are missing, then it plays safe and puts them in the downloads folder.



Ok! Well I haven’t heard of that before. I learn something new every day.

You could try forcing an index rebuild and see if that helps. You do that through the other settings option in the settings for the Core, in the app. It’s quite slow though, so don’t do it when you are wanting to listen to music in the next half an hour or so, depending how many albums you have.

Otherwise, assuming you can’t re-import them from the Unitiserve now, I suggest talking to Naim support who can talk to the developers about it.



David. You have been really helpful, so I appreciate you spending time answering my questions. I will try an index rebuild. All the best.

No problem. Do let me know what happens! I may have more ideas!

Have you tried copying one of these files into the Downloads folder, deleting the original, then editing with a third party metadata editor?

Thanks Chris. A good idea. I will get the laptop out later and give it a go. TBH most of the legacy metadata is fine but every now and again I see obvious crunching errors that need correcting. All the best.

My reservation with Chris’ suggestion and why I didn’t suggest this myself is that the only way to delete the original is with a PC as the delete option is missing in the app for those files. This risks breaking the indexing, because these files are being indexed and if some are deleted, it could have unpredictable consequences.

It would be better not to delete the files in question for the time being. And before doing any major deleting, it would be important to know that a working backup was available.



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Cheers David. Advice noted.

Good point about not deleting the file, if the Core won’t let you, doing it by other means could be risky. That doesn’t mean you can’t create a copy to store outside the Music folder, although if you then browse your whole music library you will have two copies showing. That in itself doesn’t cause me problems on Unitiserve, so I assume it would be fine on the Core too, although it seems to be a fickle beast at times!

Yes I can confirm that the Core is perfectly happy to have a copy duplicated with one in the Music folder and one in the Downloads folder. I have that myself with a few CDs where I also have a download of the same album.



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