Uniti Core firmware just released

I’ve heard from Naim that the latest Uniti Core firmware has just been released with some improvements and fixes. Release notes are as follows;

New: Support for sorting of playlists by creation date

New: UPnP server now has folders containing content that the user has added as favourites via the Naim app (requires app .17 release)

New: Support for reading exFAT formatted file systems. This allows disks formatted with exFAT to be scanned and used as a source for music import.

New: Support for drives up to 8TB

Improved: Network share discovery

Improved: General stability

Fixed: Scheduled backups sometimes do not run.

Fixed: Disk initialisation would sometimes fail when re-initialising an already formatted hard drive

Fixed: Slow initialisation of NTFS file systems on large hard drives

Fixed: Network shares are intermittently discovered in some network setups

Fixed: Core shared network folders are not always seen by macOS 10.15 Catalina

Fixed: Some large hard drives initialised as an HFS Music Store will not mount on a Mac

Fixed: Deleting an album that is comprised of tracks in the root of the downloads folder (i.e not in any folders) can cause the /Downloads folder to become unavailable

Fixed: The same artwork could be shown for multiple albums

Fixed: Restoration of backup to local store

Fixed: Scheduled backups would not always reliably run

Fixed: On some NAS drives moving files to the recycle bin can fail on the first attempt