Uniti Core Firmware upgrade failure

I have a similar experience. I got notification about an upgrade through the App and went through the upgrade process. It showed the upgrade failed at the end and just left my device powered ON. After a few hours I still could not access/find my device. I tried rebooting power and still no good. I just turned ON my Uniti Core after having it powered OFF for around 4 weeks and still I could not find it. I followed the factory reset procedure on the Naim website and I could not see the NAIM logo lighting up at all. I have the standby button though ALWAYS with light ON all the time after plugging the power.

Is there any reset procedure for this?

Sadly, after almost 9 weeks the part still hasn’t arrived at the dealer. Very frustrating.

To complete the circle: The part for my Uniti Core finally arrived at the dealer early this week and I have just received an eMail letting me know that the Uniti Core is now working properly.

I can’t say I’m impressed with the time it has taken between diagnosing a power supply problem and getting the part. I do hope that Naim’s service for Australia, and the rest of the world where Naim products are sold, is improved. It should make us all wary of buying into a product where back up is so slow.

Thanks to all of you who provided useful advice.


I’m glad it’s sorted out anyway. Let’s hope that’s it now and it behaves perfectly. But if you run into any firmware/configuration issues, I (and no doubt others) will be happy to try to help.

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