Uniti Core -- how to delete

How do I delete individual songs and imported albums from my Uniti Core?

If they are rips made by the Core then the answer is easy.

You can’t delete individual songs. You could do this by copying the rip to the downloads folder, delete the original rip as described next and then use a metadata editor to delete the song in the download copy.

To delete a whole ripped album, you go to the Core in the app, select the album you want to delete, so now you are looking at the track listing for that album. In an iPhone you can see three dots in the top right of the screen (they will be similarly placed in iPad and android but it’s an iPhone I am looking at now). If you tap the three dots you get a drop down menu and delete the album is the bottom option.



You can try a trepanning instrument and do a trepanation to the Core.
Or eventually ask a Core specialist, @davidhendon.

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I use File Explorer. It can access all stores, folders and files, including for deletion.It works like a charm. Note that the Core and your app will take some time to reflect the deletion.

Ah good point Chris. I overlooked that the OP was talking about imported albums, not ripped albums. Apologies all.



Gosh Naim guys…more work to be done.

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