Uniti core internal hd install

I have just recieved a naim uniti core but found an issue which am wondering if anyone else has encountered. I was attempting to remove the back plate to take the caddy out to install a hd. However having unscrewed the two screws on the back which secure the caddy tray, the tray itself is refusing to come out. I have tried and tried to pull it out but it just wont budge. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and/ if I am doing it wrong. My dealer has been brilliant and says they will replace it as it does sound faulty but ahead of sending it back I thought I should ask. Many thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Odd. It should come out easily with a bit of waggling if necessary, because the electrical contacts are on the drive not the caddy. So if it’s stuck there, then getting your dealer to swap the whole unit is the way to go.



Thanks David. I shall give it one last waggle…

Hmmn…i bought some spare caddies and have a spare Hdd. One of the spare caddies is a really tight fit, and takes some force to shift. If your dealer is happy to replace, it may just be a new caddy, they are only plastic. Hope it gets fixed soon.
I have a spare caddy and drive as its real easy to take my whole music collection to a demo, slip into the dealer Core and after its does its rebuild…i listen to my rips.

Thanks very much Gazza. I’ve managed to prize it out! It is now up and running although 2 out of the first 3 rips have stopped with an error message of ‘cd connection lost’. Not sure what that means. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Best regards. Matt

I haven’t ever heard of that error message but it sounds like an internal problem. It doesn’t sound good anyway and I still think getting your dealer to swap the Core is the way to go. Naim should worry more about their quality assurance.


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Agree with David…not acceptable , get a replacement. It should go back to HQ.

Dave, Gazza, thanks both for your advice. It will be going back then. Upside is the cd I did manage to rip sounded great. All the best. Matt

with naim is like with lottery: will my nova be fine or will i have to send it back ? will my core be full of errors or functioning 100%?
will my star sound harsh or not? will my nd555 have the screen freeze or not? or will it ring inside perhaps?
will my supernait 3 hum or not? unbelievable! since months i read quite every day that some new naim components have problems and needed to be sent back.


Personally i must be lucky. Since 2002 i had : 112/ 150, 202/ 200, 282/ 250, 252, 300 dr, 250dr, cd5xs, cdx2, 2 hicaps, 1 flatcap, 1 xps, and now nds/ 555dr. Only a problem with a nap 200 that i had to send back.

Keep the faith, my Core now 2 years old has been brilliant. The only time I removed the drawer was to fit a Samsung SSD and it’s used most days of the week with no issues at all.

Since the early hiccups last week, touch wood, it has been working well. I’ve got a couple of other bits from Naim which have been to date great…

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