Uniti Core is not able to get metadata from MusicBrainz - problem repeating again


I am using Uniti Core from the first day it is released back in 2017.

Initially it has the issue to get meta data from Musicbrainz (though it is a documented feature)

But over a period of time (in 2 or 3 version down the line) it got solved. And Uniti Core used to extract the Metadata seamlessly till even this year (2021) around April/May timeframe.

Last year (Jan-Feb 22) I faced the problem that Uniti Core is not able to lookup data from Musicbrainz. Then it got resolved. Thanks to @Stevesky (Problem with latest version of s/w of Uniti Core - Metadata lookup from Musicbrainz is not working!)

But again I am facing the same problem now.

@Stevesky any idea whats going wrong this time. The metadata appears perfectly in Roon for the CDs I have ripped…


@Stevesky in another thread there is a guy having a big problem getting metadata for new rips in a latest firmware Unitiserve too. So maybe MusicBrainz has done something to the API that is affecting all Naim server lookups.

Hi all,

I’ve asked one of my colleagues to check this to see if something has failed on the MusicBrainz backend process. Will report back shortly.




David this thread has prompted a thought, I still have US SSD and although I only rip periodically, I do think IIRC that I have had to add art work to most of the recent rips.
Thanks for the flag and let’s see what transpires.

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My recent rips on my US SSD are missing genre, cd covers and any additional metadata other than the track titles.

I’ve got a Core and so far no issues with metadata. I’ve just ripped a bunch of CDs that are obscure 60s titles and had no problems at all.

Same here as PTP, ripping back catalogue daily and had approx one without any metadata, approx 3 with no sleeves in last approx 300 I have done

Sure, the Rovi lookup seems fine, but the issue reported by the OP is the MusicBrainz lookup not working.

Think the problem is some CDs contain no metadata.

Agreed just done a quick mixed sample of my latest rips (yesterday) and only Rovi is showing info, nothing for MB or Free DB. However, just this moment ripped another couple of CDs and MB is showing data for one but not the other :thinking:

No CD contains metadata Pete. Each published CD has a number which the CD player/ripper can read and that can be cross-checked against any one of a number of metadata lookup databases. The publisher has to notify the metadata databases of everything it publishes and this is where the system quite often falls down.

Well there you go thanks, I always thought it’s contain on cd as well. Cheers.

@Stevesky Just checked it today. It is working now.

Thanks a lot for fixing this. It re-confirms Naim’s commitment to users.


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Hi all,

One of my colleagues is sorting this out. It’s not 100% sorted yet, but better than it was.

I’ll post once it’s all purring along smoothly again.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


@Stevesky One feedback/complaint I have on how data is pulled from MusicBrainz.

Even if one track has more than one performers (track level artist), the Naim app shows only one of them. But when the track info is pulled from Ravi it shows both performers.

Actually even in custom edit mode I have the similar issue. There I cannot make the track level artist/performers to appear in a line beloe the line has the Track title.


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