Uniti Core - Is there a better App then the Naim one?

The sort system in the Naim App is very poor. I have several CD’s called Love Songs from different artists and they are all put in the name section of one artist! This is only one example…
Also, the App still has not a shuffle feature which my Olive 4 HD had already in 2012!!!
I sent an email to Naim some weeks ago but there was only an auto reply and nothing else!!! :rage::rage:

Are the items on a NAS or directly connected memory stick or hard drive?

The way a music collection is presented to the Naim app from a NAS can vary depending on the software, additionally if could be the metadata for the rips or downloaded files that isn’t helping!

I feel your pain, as with a mixture of CD quality/hi-res purchased downloads, CD rips, Itunes audio, various MP3 purchases over the years my library is s mess !

Apologies - that’ll teach me to reply on a phone - missed it was a Uniti Core so assume you’ve ripped directly to that.

It’s ok - all CD’s were ripped by the Core :+1:t2:

Shuffle option on the controls menu, circled in red. Works. On playlists too but have to remember to disable it if you play another album or list which is annoying

I am sorry I might have not expressed myself very well. The shuffle feature on the Olive can select ANY song on the HD… it can play therefore for days on end :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

I miss that too. My original iPod could shuffle the entire music collection but alas this isn’t on the Naim app. I requested it over 2 years ago on the Core but I the software architecture of the app must be terribly inflexible - they haven’t done anything to improve Customer experience using the Core as a control source since launch. They should never have sold it as such.

It’s because hardly anyone is asking them for it, so it’s low priority and because for many users (classical enthusiasts for example), it would be completely without value.


Just think about it - you have visitors and therefore don’t want all the time fiddle with apps or when you are reading a book :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

You don’t listen to classical music at all do you?



If we have people round for the evening and want background music I simply queue up three or four albums. Who would want to have a bit of Bach then maybe the White Stripes?

Maybe not all people have so extreme differences. My question so is - if Olive Inc. could manage it in 2011 then it shouldn’t be a problem in 2019. Why can’t the company at least reply to me? Maybe grown to big to deal with ordinary customers?? :thinking::thinking:

Maybe if your email to them was as grumpy as your first post on the Forum they simply decided to ignore you…

It is what it is, and I think you’ll just have to live with the restrictions.

First of all - please read the title! All I want to find is an App compatible with the Core - that’s all!! I actually wrote per email in detailed steps all the problems I’ve found. I don’t expect them to fix all but at least they could reply and saying so.
Secondly, it is of course an English company and acts like it. I recently bought a software from a Dutch company - Collectorz Music, a database for music collectors - they normally reply within a few hours!
I hope you get my point now…

Not a lot - I have some mixed classical CD’s as background music for meals.

Thank you for agreeing with me! If a start up company could manage to include that feature in 2012 then it shouldn’t cause a problem in our days!! I wonder if they might need higher qualified software engineers???

Being able to shuffle your entire library isn’t something I’d want to do, but there have been requests for it for as long as I’ve been on the forum, so it seems to me like a perfect reasonable feature request.

If you use the Uniti Core as a UPnP server you should be able to control it with any UPnP control point: Linn Kazoo, Bubble UPnP, Lumin etc.

If you use it as a S/PDIF player I do not think that you have any choice apart from the Naim app but I might be mistaken, of course.

Thank you :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

Thank you :+1:t2::+1:t2: