Uniti Core issue with cover upload

Since a couple of weeks I can’t upload cd covers from the internet. Editing of metadata is possible. When I upload a cover and press save after the upload the cover is visible. A few seconds later it disappears. Anybody with the same issue? Any proposal how to fix it?
A restart did not help.

Have you tried to remove the power lead, leave for a few minutes, then put the power lead back in…let it reboot. If this does not work…contact Naim. Hopefully @davidhendon may come along and have some better ideas?

As @Gazza says, it needs a full power off restart, not just using the front panel button on the Core. I would also restart the app.

If you have up to date firmware on the Core and the current version of the app, this shouldn’t happen.

Anyway let us know how you get on and we can think some more.



Thanks for your advices. I did a power reset as proposed, uninstalled and reinstalled the Naim App, but the behaviour is the same as before. I will contact Naim support with my topic.

Did you try clearing the image cache in the app? And rebuilding the music index, which you also do from the app?

The last thing that I can think you could try would be a factory reset of the Core. To do this you unpower it completely, wait a few seconds, then holding in the front panel switch you put the power back on. Keep holding in the power switch until the light by the front panel USB flashes then let these itch go and let the Core finish restarting. You will have to assign your music store and shares again and set up backup settings. The Core will reindex your music which will take a few minutes.

Good luck…



Thanks for your advices. The factory reset, deletion of the cache and re-building of the music indexes fixed the issue :smile:

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