Uniti Core - Mac won't connect - still an issue...

…after 2 years and with a new Core from Naim, a new Mac, a house move (therefore change of physical Ethernet infrastructure etc).

I can often connect to the Core when it’s just been rebooted but most of the rest of the time I get the ‘failed to connect’ message on my Mac (running latest OS).

It’s strange that I’ve had the new Core for a couple of months but this issue has only developed (with this Core) in the last month.

Have got a ticket with Naim support so will see what they say. Am posting here since am aware this issue has been seen by others and am wondering how it was resolved.

All info appreciated.

Macs have changed the way they allow acces to external devices, try checking that the Mac has permission to access the Core in the system security settings.

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Thanks for the reply. It doesn’t make a lot of sense though. Security settings on the Mac would tend to affect whether or not external devices can access the Mac and not vice versa. Also, a problem with the settings on the Mac shouldn’t give rise to the issue experienced whereby when the Core is rebooted it can be accessed from the Mac initially, but after a while it locks the Mac out. Seems more like an issue with the Core than with the Mac. Nonetheless, I’ve checked control panel settings on Mac and can’t see an obvious problem, Would also point out that I experienced the same issue with an earlier Core interacting with a different Mac running an earlier version of MacOS. Seems to me like an software issue on the Core (which incidentally dropped completely off the network this morning - after a full day of listening yesterday - and needed its power cord yanking to reboot it (and that’s another issue - lack of a ‘hard’ power switch on the unit). Anyone got more ideas? Hard to imagine that I’ve had two back to back faulty Cores. Seems more likely that there is a persisting software / firmware bug…

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