Uniti Core metadata issue

When I rip a CD with the Core, the Rovi lookup usually finds the correct artist and tracks. However, album information often shows the wrong album. If I select ‘not this album’ and try to look for the correct album, the app crashes.

Does anyone else have this issue?

Occasionally, but it’s usually with albums that are rather local (Australian) and not that well known outside in market.

Might mean there’s issues with metadata someone with more knowledge will probably be able to help.

The app shouldn’t crash, but Rovi does seem to mess around with the API for this service quite often. So it would be worth reporting to Naim support. If you are emailing them you also need to say whether it’s the IOS or Android app and which phone/tablet it’s happening on, also what OS version the phone/tablet is running. If you are getting an actual crash, do your settings allow reports? And if yes, then give them your user id which is at the bottom of the screen you get if you follow “?” on the Rooms screen in the app.

Thanks David,
I’m using a 6th gen iPad running iOS 15.6 with iOS app version 5.24. When I use the app to try and change the album info to a different album, the iPad goes straight to its Home Screen. I’ll report it to Naim as you suggested. Alan

Have you tried a general restart, router then streamer then installing the app again. Sometimes we all encounter weird things with streaming, and generally, not always however, a full restart works.

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Thanks. I emailed Naim support last night and they have contacted me already for some additional information. Hopefully they will come up with a solution.

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