Uniti Core -- Metadata not located

Are there any workarounds other than manually typing everything in if the Uniti Core is not able to locate metadata online when ripping?

You can use third party metadata editors to search online. However, you must not attempt this on CD rips while they are stored in the Music folder. You would need to make a copy of the album and move it to the Downloads folder, or store it on a computer, where you can edit it in any way you like.

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To add to what Chris says, if you leave the metadata as it is, you may find the Core finds it subsequently. The Core queues albums with missing metadata and checks the metadata sources again later. If it’s a new release mainstream album, this may well work but if it’s an obscure or long-issued album, then likely you will have to enter the metadata yourself, either through the Naim app or in the alternative way that Chris mentions.



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