Uniti Core Music Store

Hi I have a question about the Music Store on my Uniti Core.

Normally I rip my cd’s to the internal hard drive on my Core. This drive is designated as the ‘Music Store’, and because of this all rips automatically end up here.

If were to add an external usb drive could I occasionally designate it as the the Music Store for some of my rips?

Or another way to put the question is: Can the designation of a drive be toggled back and forth, so to speak, between say ‘Music Store’ then ‘Backup Drive’ and then back to ‘Music Store’ if I ever felt I needed the flexibility to do this?

Looking at the Settings menu it appears this is reasonable. But just to say, I would not want to somehow permanently loose the internal drives ability to be main store if changed temporarily.

Thanks much for any information and ideas.

You can designate a different folder as the Music Store, but why would you want to keep changing it? Perhaps there’s an easier way to achieve what you want?

Thanks for your reply.

I’d like the option of changing the store occasionally, depending on the material being ripped.

The Core has in its menu options a setting called Music by Location. If I can rip to an alternate drive with material thought of as backup, ‘special’ or overflow (my main drive is getting close to capacity) then this interests me.
Material, as it amasses, is also scrollable in this particular location which I find an added convenience.

I suspect this can be done, but can it be done in a safely, without risk to material in either drive?

That seems like a rather odd way to organise a music library to me. The whole point of a UPnP server is that it can form a single library by merging different storage locations which you can then search by tags which you can manage in a way that suits you.
Perhaps you are trying to compensate for the rather limited metadata handling abilities of the Core?

I think he may rather be trying to compensate for the rather limited size of his internal music store!

Even though this is a very odd way of using the Core, by changing music store locations on a frequent basis, I think it should work fine, although I have never heard of anyone who does this and I haven’t tried it myself.

Incidentally @quad57 the music store is that location you define as the music store from time to time. It’s where the Core saves its own rips. You can have many other locations which aren’t music stores but rather music shares, but all of them are scanned by the Core and accessible via the app. If you change the music store to be something else for a while, like a USB hard drive, you will need to change the internal drive to be a music share if you want still to play from it.

So what you are proposing isn’t swapping between the music store and a USB drive, but rather swapping the music store from the internal drive to a USB drive. This may all sound like nit-picking, but the correct terminology massively eases understanding of it!

I hope this helps.



Thanks for the information guys, much appreciated!

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