Uniti Core not reflecting manual metadata updates in file structure

I’ve been using a Uniti Core since December (as a replacement for a UnitiServe - generally speaking it’s been pretty good).

I spotted yesterday that when the Core doesn’t find a metadata match when it’s ripping, it puts the resulting rip into the “unknown” artist folder on my store (which is on a NAS).

If I subsequently update the metadata manually, the Core database is updated (as in the album will display with correct (manually set) metadata, but the ripped album itself stays in the unknown folder (with the originally assigned unknown artist/rip-time-based album name).

With the UnitiServe, when manual changes were made to rips, the underlying file structure was changed as well - with the core it appears that it’s only making changes to the meta.naim file.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour, and is it now considered “normal”?

Happens to me too so yes, I guess it is now normal

Yes I think this is the way it works.


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