Uniti Core not working

My Uniti Core just started not working. Unplugged for 5 minutes and usally that will fix the other 1000 times I find this streamer not responding. But this time nothing is bringing it up. The power button FLASHES continuously each time I try to restart this bad boy!! In advance , thank you for any help!
regards Rick

That does not sound good, may need a trip back to Salisbury. Perhaps @davidhendon has a suggestion?

Is it flashing in a pattern?

I suspect a hardware fault, especially as you shouldn’t have any difficulty locating a Core server with your app (cf your ref to 1000 times)

I have never seen a flashing power switch light as you describe. You could try a factory reset, but otherwise I think it will need to go back to your dealer to be sent to Salisbury.

If you want to try a Core factory reset, then unplug the power. Wait say ten seconds or so and then holding in the power button, reconnect the power. Keep holding the button in until after the light by the front panel USB has flashed, then let the button go and wait for it to finish starting up. You will have to redefine the internal drive as the Music Store (or wherever your Store is) and you will also have to redefine any Music Shares. The Core should find your existing Store and offer to make it active. Obviously don’t agree to format the Store.


Reset did not work. Time to send it off. Thanks for your responses guys.

If you haven’t already, it’s always a good idea to remove any directly attached storage (internal or USB) & see if the problem persists as a failed HDD can cause boot issues.


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