Uniti Core - Powerline vs Standard cable

I just plugged a powerline to my uniti core (same power block as the rest of the system) in a 500/552/ND555 system context and…

  1. It’s a completely different system. The change is as big as changing a cartridge.
  2. I don’t know what I prefer. With powerline I get more transparency and lower noise floor, on the other side, classical instruments are less natural. Piano’s low notes are too precise, not enough body. Voices are more mechanical and not too human-like. Without the powerline it’s all more smeared but natural.
  3. I want from both worlds!!

What am I missing? How is this happening that the powerline isn’t improving all areas?
I believe it’s not a break-in thing because I took my powerline from the Armageddon (which made a huge positive effect there).

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I did add a powerline to mine, but i was adding a 552/500 so any effect was lost in the change. However, recently i had to move my Core from fraim to elsewhere on the network, different ethernet switch…and it sounded better. If possible you could try a move to somewhere different in the house, many site theirs quite a distance from the rest of the hifi.

That makes sense. Getting a noisy spinny computer away from sensitive electronics is always going to be a good idea. It’s only a nas in a posh frock after all - my nas lives in the dining room in a corner.

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I have found that Core is quite sensitive to power cables, and that there is no clear correlation between the price of the cable and change in sound. I would encourage you to experiment as much as possible. Good luck, GN

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@Gazza, @hungryhalibut, thanks. I want to keep the uniti core as close as possible to the hi fi system because I’m using an expensive (short) Chord Ethernet cable and the EE switch.
@GiorgioNuvolari, thanks. Which cables did you try? What are you using & prefer?


Hello @Einstein! I have tested Audioquest NRG, Cardas Clear, Naim Powerline, Marohei Maduro C and Maduro S. In the end, I landed on Audioquest NRG.
I hope this is helpful, stay safe, GN

Which NRG version did you end up with? I have the NRG Z-3 on trial and really like what it does to my system. Also evaluating Wireworld Electra 7 now but I find it to become bit too much in my system. I even find the Naim original PC on my 272 sound more balanced.

Might try out the AQ Monsoon too…

Hello @Slamdam - I have the first ever version from many years ago, which I would assume might be the equivalent of the entry level of today.
Hope this helps, stay safe, GN

It’s my experience that mains is a complex issue. It is natural to assume that changing one thing does not affect another, but experience suggests otherwise. Toroidal power supplies contain highly efficient transformers and rectifiers. The mains input to the power supply is subject to the distorting effect of the rectification which much like an electric motor on a fridge or washing machine will pollute the mains in the house and even other nearby properties. So put lots of transformers close together and you have the potential (electric alias emf -pun intended) to cause havoc.

I acquired an expensive power block a year ago and have never looked back. The plug order and split between mains socket and block make a noticeable difference. Read the thread on the MusicWorks Block. I’m really not into spending my time convincing people.


Link to that discussion on plug order? I contacted Isol-8 on this matter and they claimed the below which to me is a political answer saying “don’t spend time on it”.

"There is no such rule.

It would simply depend on personal preference and the system as a whole."

Search for MusicWorks

Are we saying that the Powerline improves the playback or the actual ripping? If the latter then we must be getting an even better bit-perfect rip?



My perfect 10 goes to 11.

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I’ve seen Naim Powerline with both the transparent schuko and all black schuko. Are both original ones and if so which one is the latest?

Do you put the NRG Z3 to the amp or to the CD player ?

To the 300DR

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