Uniti Core - Rebuild Database & clear image cache also?

What is the proper procedure for Uniti Core - Rebuilding My Database on my connected external Seagate Drive?
Lately when ripping new music, my covers are not showing up rip after rip.
Also if I manually add an cover and save it, it appears to save it, however when I Rip another, my previously ripped album cover disappears and is not to be seen.
Also if I edit and add a cover and save it, the same thing happens, where after I hit save and go to newest ripped, the cover is not there.
So my question to hopefully solve the problem is to rebuild the database what is the proper procedure?
Q: when rebuilding a database, should I always clear image cache prior to rebuilding?
Q: anything else?

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The first thing I would try is doing a full power off restart of the Core. So that means put it to standby with the front panel button and then pulling the power plug out or switching off the mains to the socket. Wait a minute then put the power back on. The Core should restart and end up fully on.

Likely that will fix your problem.

If you really need to do a database rebuild then you can initiate it from the app. You don’t need to clear the app cache first, but you can if you want. It will force the app to download the artwork again. But if it’s got the wrong artwork because of a previous Core malfunction, I expect that would sort itself out anyway. But no harm to tell it to do that too.

PS you should make sure you have the latest version of the app.



As @davidhendon suggests, I would try a deep sleep on the Core first - if you hold down the power button for 5+ seconds it should put it to sleep.

Do you have an internal drive with the Core, or only the external one? If you’ve got an internal drive, you could try setting it up as a music store and seeing if the same problem persists.

In my experience, rebuilding the database doesn’t trigger going out to all the metadata sources to find missing artwork - it merely reads the metadata already stored (including artwork) into a new database.

When you’re checking for missing artwork, are you doing it through an app connection to the Core or a streamer? I’ve had situations in the past where the streamer wasn’t cacheing art properly, but the artwork was shown correctly in the Core.

Actually I am advising a power off restart of the Core. Not a deep sleep.

Also my understanding of the cache clearing is completely different to your’s. I think the cache in the app is cleared and all the artwork is re-loaded into the app. It takes a while to populate in the app, even if the database isn’t being rebuilt.



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