Uniti Core - Remote Ripping & Metadata

Is it possible to remotely rip my CD’s to the Core and then allow the Core to build the artwork and metadata once connected to the router?

My plan is to sit in my garden cabin all winter ripping my CD’s rather than bring 4000+ discs up and down to the lounge.

Hope that makes sense?

If there’s no internet connection during ripping, the Core will perform the online lookup when the connection is restored, so you should be fine. It may take a little while to get through the backlog, but in theory it will get there sooner or later.

You could buy a cheap long length ethernet cable, pretty cheap off amazon and just run out of a window etc to your cabin when ripping, or as Chris says-it should get there in the end once plugged in in your main house, would take some time.

It’s a tricky call as I have had a significant number of discs that I have had to tell the Core what they are - either because they come up as the wrong item, or as no item. If you have loaded 4000 discs and x don’t have any metadata at all, or are shown as the wrong item, it will be a right royal pain to identify them and fix. Whereas if you notice just after loading it’s a much easier job. I have no idea what % your collection might be but on transfer of my collection from unitiserve to core it was 0.5% to 1% and it took me weeks to sort out. It was a bit easier once I started to use Shazam though!

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