Uniti Core SPDIF Output Level

Hello All-
I’ve been researching various methods of splitting the output signal from my Uniti Core to three different dacs. I was wondering if anyone may know the actual voltage specification of the 75 Ohm BNC output (SPDIF) of the Uniti Core. Thanks in advance!

I’m sure an email to Naim will give you the answer. However, why the need to split the digital signal?Are these DACs in different rooms?

Just connect from one to the next - it’s a far better way to make comparisons, if that’s what you’re trying to do. You should also never have two sources that you’re trying to compare connected at the same time to the same pre-amp. This can sometimes cause signal earthing issues that will nullify any comparison.

Hi Richard-
I’ll try sending an email through support as well- for some reason I thought questions may be picked up here.
I’m interested in your comment regarding earthing as I’ve not experienced anything similar while using this pre- but then again I haven’t tried splitting the output of the Naim.
I’m using an ARC REF 6 in my system and I manually switch between two dacs now (as you suggested) and am considering adding a third dac in the near future. Ideally I would like to run the output of the Core into a passive splitter so each dac would have its own preamp channel.

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