Uniti Core uPnP functionality


Can someone please describe what the uPnP functionality is like on the Uniti Core.

For example, what is the browsing tree like? Are tags such as AlbumArtist available?
Does it pick up .m3u playlists ok?
Any downsides compared to Asset, Minimserver etc….

Feel free to include any screen shots if applicable.



Hi There,
When I exported the ripped CD‘S to a NAS I had to do a lot of work with the tags and folder images! I bought dbpoweramp - now all correct. The folder images the Core downloads are around 1.5 - 2.5 MB - now around 200 - 400 k. When you have over 2000 CD‘s then this is lots of space wasted!
Furthermore, the shuffle feature is laughable - 500 songs and you have to set a playlist up for it to work. What use is that when you have 40000 + songs???

But that’s just my opinion….

Thanks for the reply.

I’m not too bothered about its ripping and tagging capabilities.

I do next to no ripping now and I have always used dbPoweramp and a PC to do my ripping and would continue to do so. Most new music now is downloaded FLACs from either Qobuz or Bandcamp.

I was more interested in its uPnP functionality. Having been spoilt by Asset, and looking at the limitations of some other uPnPs I’ve come across, there are at least two ‘must haves’ for me:
The ability to sort/search/view by AlbumArtist tag in addition to the Artist tag.
Read externally created .m3u playlists correctly


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