Uniti Core visible but not accessible in network

Hello, I have a Uniti Core wired to a Netgear switch. The switch is wired to the Google Mesh Bridge, then there is a Google AP wired to the the switch. I have a Roon Rock wired to the switch, and a Uniti Nova wired to the switch. My ripped files are stored on an internal Hard drive in the Core.

This has all worked well for several months now, but then all of a sudden on Saturday Roon could no longer access the Core library. I also could not access the Core from a laptop, but the Nova can access and play the files on the Core.

If I fully power down the Core (unplug it from the mains), then for a brief while Roon can see and access the Core, and I can also get access from a laptop. But then after a few seconds/minutes both Roon and the laptop loose access at the same time.

By the way, when I say ‘cannot access’ above - I believe my laptop (running windows) can see that the Core is there, but it cannot access it, and I think this is the same with Roon. I’m not sure but based on the the type of messages I get that both know it is there but they can’t access it. My Core does not have any user name or password requirements.

Any ideas?

You don’t say whether the laptop is connected by Ethernet or WiFi, but my guess is that you are using WiFi. Google mesh systems usually include a router of its own and you can’t disable DHCP, so you end up running two DHCP routers on one network and things end up being on different sub-nets. That’s why the Core and Nova work together.

When you restart things this problem may go away for a while but ultimately the Google mesh asserts itself and messes it all up again.

As this is a recent problem, I suspect a firmware update on equipment in your mesh system and I suspect that the answer is going to lie in the settings of the whole network.

Thank you so much David. I am going to change my switch to an unmanaged switch or just an ethernet splitter. My managed switch also allows one to turn DCHP off I think…

The Core also has an option to have DCHP on or off, what do you think the best setting would be?

As per above, at the moment my switch is connected to the Bridge in the Mesh. Everything else, including the ‘local’ Google AP is connected to the switch. I’m wondering whether it is better to wire the local AP to the Bridge, and then wire the switch to the AP, and then run everything else off the switch. What are your thoughts?

If I understand Naim correctly, they recommend my current setup (but with an unmanaged switch) not this new one I am thinking about.

The Core needs to get an ip address from your router, so you do need DHCP on somewhere. But it needs to be the same subnet as your Nova and your phone. I suspect the issue is there somewhere.

To be able to offer better advice I would need to know a lot more about how your network works. And there are more knowledgeable people than me when it comes to mesh networks. What I do know about is the Core and that it’s nothing exotic in terms of its network requirements.

What I have tried now is I removed the Google Mesh completely. I connected the Uniti Core directly to another router - a BT router - and I had exactly the same issue. Even with a laptop connected it lost connection after a few minutes.

Maybe the only slight issue was that I still had a switch attached to the BT router (a non managed switch), and the Roon Rock and Uniti Nova also wired to the switch. So maybe that was impacting things?

May not be relevant, but perhaps worth looking at the thread below

In your mesh router, did you assign a fixed IP to your gear ?
I also had some connection losses, but this ends it…

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have IP addresses assigned to the Core, the Nova, the switch and the Rock/Roon.

Per an earlier note, I have also applied the reset approach and it works for a short while after that, but then drops off again.

I just spoke to Naim again (very helpful) and they think it might be a network card issue on the Core.

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