Uniti core with new streamer

I replacing nac n 272 . And ordered Lumin X1. My setup was ATC SCM50 ASLT, Naim nac n 272, uniti core, 555PSDR.ATC SCA2 pre.
Now my setup will be ATC SCM50 ASLT, ATC SCA2 pre amp, Lumin X1 and Naim uniti core.
(I will keep 555PSDR for future if any reference DAC comes from Naim).
Now whether Roon app will detect uniti core as Lumin X1 is Roon end point. I don’t want to purchase nucleus

You will need roon core (software) running somewhere, and point it at the uniti core where your music files reside. That’s often achieved by building a computer based on an appropriate intel nuc, and you could then install roon rock os on it. Or for a bit more control, install a distro such as linux mint and then install roon core.


And with an Innuos streamer, no need additional software, right ? ( to have Roon)

You always need roon core running somewhere. That might be a nuc or a nas or a pc or similar. With a roon endpoint and the app you will not have roon core active.


The brain in the above image is roon core software.
Roon make and sell the nucleus hardware. They also give roon rock os for free which you can install on your own pc. All their software is free for download but wont work without an active subscription.
I run roon core on a pc installed with linux mint. I have a raspberry pi running roon bridge which feeds my unitiqute. Ndx2 is roon ready ie it acts as a roon endpoint. My denon av amp works via airplay.

Innuos Zen / Zenith can be a roon core, and is very easy to administer in this role. There are different ‘modes’ on the Innuos, which have been described on other threads.

You still need to obtain a trial or full licence from roon.

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