Uniti Core without HD

I bought a Uniti Core to provide HD CD rip space for my Uniti Star. Is it supposed to leave the shop without a hard disk. Its next to useless without one?

Yes, the Core comes without a HDD. That way you can easily choose and fit whatever is most suitable for your needs; capacity and whether SSD or HDD.

Yes…….it gives you the opportunity to buy either an ssd or hdd of the size you require, they are very easy to fit. If i was starting over i would go for a Samsung EVO 870……they were very expensive a few years back. Alternatively a Seagate video surveillance hard drive.

As stated no disc included updated mine to a 2TB Samsung EVO870 a few months back these are available at around £200 so considerably cheaper than previous prices.

Theoretically it could come without a drive, but one would hope/expect the retailer to tell you this and offer to fit one of your choice so that it’s ready to go when you get it, if that’s what you prefer. Not having this explained to you and being given an option to have it installed is pretty slack.

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I remember when i bought mine many moons ago the dealer explained what i could buy……and then fitted the drive for me when i collected the Core. Back then a Samsung EVO ssd would cost a fortune, so i bought a Seagate hdd.

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Have a look here. Especially the Uniti Core Setup video;

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Thanks for all the comments at least I know now that it’s not an out of the box solution. I think my frustration is with the store where I purchased It from. It’s a high-end retail outlet for audio equipment, you would have thought they would have explained and guided accordingly. I’ve bought a significant amount of name equipment through this store, feeling quite disappointed.


The good news is that thanks to the HDD caddy, fitting an HDD can be done simply and quickly. You’ll be up and running in minutes.

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Very true what Richard has said once the drive is installed and the Core is connected up it is a simple operation to set up the Core via the App in readiness to start ripping CDs.

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Is there a limit to the size HD to be installed? I managed to get a 6TB Seagate drive late yesterday delivered. Installation straightforward. However, drive not recognized on the App resulting in rip failure.

Sounds like the drive did not get configured
Try a power cycle ( pull the power cord )
And make sure the core is connected to your network ( the same network as your phone or tablet )
Fallow the set up on your phone or tablet when you have selected the Core the Core will have a separate set up menu it should show up in the app home page along with your Star.
It’s a very easy walk though set up.

You have to set the drive as the music store. It’s under “Manage Music” in the Settings part of the Naim app.

You really should look at the guidance that Richard pointed you to a few posts above.

6TB is fine by the way. Did you buy the recommended Seagate HDD or is it just what you could get? The drive runs all the time 24/7, so gets pretty hot.

I think that is possible to use a core without any HDD or SSD just using network storage (NAS or other).
Anyway i had a spare “desktop” HDD (Toshiba P300), is it ok for core?

Yes indeed it is. If you want to rip CDs with uf, you have to define a Music Store. That would normally be the internal HDD of SSD but it doesn’t have to be. You can use a NAS location or a USB hard disc just plugged into one of the USB ports.

Or if you don’t want to rip, then you don’t need a Music Store. But you have to tell it which locations to scan and you do this by defining one or more Music Shares.

Thanks all for the comments and support, I’ve now located the options in the App and have formatted the disk. I can now see the HD through the Core App and I can connect to the Core HD through the Star App as a Server on the network.
Next challenge, is despite a wire connection using Digital 1 inputs on the Star, I can not navigate to the Core through the Star as a Digital 1 player. Is there a further configuration setting I need to step through?
Additional challenge, a little more esoteric this time - does the Naim Desktop still work on the latest Core servers? The Desktop was really useful to rename album names and track names for ripped CD’s with unknown titles. The Naim Desktop does not seem to be able to find the Core servers on the network. Tried command line antics in forcing the Core IP address as an extension to the command line executable - no joy. Looked through RegEdit to see if there is a data item for the default server as well.

You should have both the Star and the Core connected to your home network, then select the Server input of your Star and then select the Core and play from there.

No the Windows Desktop Client doesn’t work with Core or with the Star. You edit the metadata of CD rips you have made with the Core using the same Naim app as you use for everything else. You really should read the online help on the Naim website. It would be a lot quicker than asking here and waiting for someone to answer these basic questions.

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No the Desktop client is only for the old servers. Everything with the Core is done via the App.

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