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@davidhendon David, as you know I’m a luddite with this stuff. But I recognise the issue with wishing to delete some tracks particularly where a re-release has included some rough demos and the like. Isn’t an easier solution to just create a playlist from the album with the tracks you want? That’s what I do with Tidal.



Hi Matt sorry to be a pain in the arse but some more advice please, I tried to buy the unity core from by supplier of the uniti atom - an online website group who have a local shop to me in Montpelier, Son -Video .com they say they have no stock and would get back to me if and when they get a lead time. I think I know what that means. I’ve not got experience of any other online retailers other than Amazon but I did a quick google search and other sites seem to have stock?? Have you heard of any reliable dealers in france that deliver? As you are aware it’s easy to promise things and accept money but it’s a lot of money to risk. Any other options that are worth considering?

Hi Brian,
Must confess, all my dealer based gear was UK bought. I have used eBay.fr extensively, you get the same protections as in the UK when using PayPal, I have never had a problem, so I would have a scan through there. If you want new from a dealer, I would of thought that any official Naim dealer (I.e found through the Naim website, you can search France from the UK site) would of been as reputable and reliable as each other. Any service on a new product would be available from any Naim dealer, not just the one you bought from. Searching the UK Naim site, I see that MultiZone are in your neck of the woods and seem to have stock available. ATB.

No problem with Son et Video. Serious site. But I am not sure they will help in the installation.
Paris: CTA . Studio Hifi Versailles.
Rennes: Hifi 35.
Online also: Cobra.

Yes thanks, when I started to think about it rather than more about I did just that and also found multi zone - I have posed them some questions by email and will talk with them tomorrow. Thanks for the input.

I will need to add metadata for the Hi Res Qobuz wav files I’ve purchased. Can anyone recommend an easy to use metadata editing programme that will allow me to do this, as my understanding is files not created on the Core can’t be edited?

I’ve just got a used Core and about to fire it up.

I have the hires files on a USB HDD presently. If I plug that in , I’m assuming the files will have no metadata other than track title. Once plugged into the Core, will the downloaded tracks remain on permanently, or once removed won’t be seen on the Core thereafter? Just concerned that if the hires downloads remain on, they can’t be edited thereafter and that’s how it will always remain?

Really grateful for any advice on this, as a complete novice.

If the hires files are on a USB HDD then once you have plugged it into the Core, there are two things you can do. One is to define the USB HDD as a music share, in which the music will appear in the app until you pull the USB HDD out. Then the files go with it.

The second thing you could do is import the high res files into the download folder on the Core’s music store, which is the place if saves its own rips (but in the music/MQ folder). Normally this would be the internal HDD or SSD that you would have installed and defined as the music store. Once imported into the downloads folder, they will stay there even if you unplug the USB HDD.

You can edit metadata for files in the Core’s downloads folder with any metadata editing program. You can do in situ. You don’t need to move the files out of the Core before editing. You can use any metadata editing program. I think dbpoweramp is one that many people use on a PC. I’m not sure what if you use a MAC. But I vaguely remember Metadatics being recommended by some here.



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Hi David

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I’ve seen your name on Core threads many times and you are extremely helpful and giving of your time.

Of the two options you suggested regarding the USB HDD and importing the downloaded hires files, i like the sound of the second option; importing the files into the download folder and being able to edit in situ with an editing program. I use a Windows laptop btw.

Ok, really showing my lack of IT expertise now, how does the Dbpoweramp program link up to the Core, as such? Presumably the DB software gets installed on my laptop and then do i have to allow some kind of network sharing facility , which means the DB program can be seen on the Core?

I have a network switch which the Core plugs into and the switch runs off the router. I believe this known as a network! Yes my knowledge is that basic.

So yes, how do the laptop, DB program and Core all see each other and communicate as such?

Im bit by bit working through all the help guides on the Naim website and reading up all the threads on the forum as well.

Your help is very much appreciated.


Hi Rod

I’m happy to help. The Core downloads folder just appears as a network drive and you can see it using Explorer in the PC. So that’s Explorer and not a browser I’m mentioning! You should be able to find the downloads folder using the IP address. If you look up the downloads folder on the Naim online help then you will see the method explained. You can also look for the Core using it’s network name, which is viewable in the app if you haven’t renamed it. Once you have it you type \\Corename\ and you should see the Music and Downloads folders. (Obviously Corename is whatever your Corename is, or the IP address also will work). Don’t be tempted to fiddle with the Music folder as you may break the indexing, although you can copy files from the Music folder if you wish. The Core stores it’s own rips in the MQ sub-folder.

Once you have located the downloads folder you can “map” it as a network drive so that your laptop finds it easily every time. Then you can install dbpoweramp on your PC and just navigate to the downloads folder to play with the metadata (aka tags), saving back into the Core downloads folder, replacing the file you altered.

Using a PC like this also gives you another option for adding music to your Core because if you add files into the downloads folder, then the Core automatically scans them and within a minute or two you should see the music in the app. Normally you put all the files from one album into an album folder. You can decide yourself whether you want to nest all the folders for one artist or composer into an artist folder for that artist, of you can do it any other way that suits you. The album folder though should contain a jpg file of the cover art and you should rename it folder.jpg or cover.jpg. Don’t make the file too large or the Core won’t display it.




That’s brilliant thanks so much David.

Plenty to play around with and I’ll look at the downloads section you mentioned of course .

I’m starting with a few rips first and then will purchase the Db program and attempt to add the metadata for the downloads.

Amazingly helpful and thanks for being our Core forum guru.


I would just add that DBpoweramp is a great bit of software, but it’s mainly for ripping CDs as well as editing the metadata, so probably more than you need (it’s arguably a more capable ripping software than the Core!)
If you just want to edit metadata on your existing files, MP3tag would be worth a look if you use a PC. (Or Metadatics for Mac.)

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I’d agree with that. I was advocating iTunes for a while to rip to ALAC. But DBpoweramp is far better.

Thanks Chris

I am not sure if I have done that. But I did rip about 250+ CDs. If I Configure the Music Store now, will I lose all the music I ripped so far? Should I create a backup and then restore in that case?

How do I get to the Downloads Folder in my core? Is that only though a 3rd party metadata editing program or Naim has one?

While I understand you are showing me a workaround but it defeats the purpose of a Naim storage/server unit with a ripper in it. And don’t think I will do that or will time to for all the CDs I have plans to download.

Anyways, one other question I have is, do I get better SQ by linking the Core to the Atom with a digital cable or accessing Core using the network is better? And if digital cable is a better option, how would the app work?

Thanks a lot for all your support so far.

If you have managed to rip more than a couple of CDs then you have defined a music store, or maybe your dealer did. You can “view the music store” in the app, settings, manage music and view music store. You should have a backup anyway. Otherwise you are one HD failure from ripping those CDs all over again.

In any case as you have ripped so many CDs, there will be a downloads folder waiting for you to use it.

You really should look at the Naim online support information! Anyway you can navigate to the downloads folder on your network with a PC or Mac. I have explained how earlier in this thread, also it’s explained in the Naim support online. Then you can use any metadata editor to edit the metadata of downloads. As Chris said earlier in this thread, good programs to use are MP3TAG or dbpoweramp for PC or Metadatics for Mac. But there are others.

This is a workaround for the single issue of deleting one or two tracks from an album rip. You don’t need to do it normally. In fact I have never found the need to do this myself!

There are varied views about whether the sound quality is better if you use the Core as a hard disc drive with a direct digital connection or as a network drive using upnp. In other words, they are the same basically. Personally I use upnp.

If you use upnp then you go to the servers or upnp screen in the streamer part of the Naim app. If you want to use the Core as a hard disc player, then you control that from the Core part of the Naim app. It’s all pretty obvious if it’s in front of you.




I bought mine as a return with 4TB HD in it. So maybe Music Store was already configured though I remember when I downloaded the first CD it asked me I wanted to configure the Music Store. I may have said NO. I do no remember.

Yeah, I see Music Store in the following path: Core >> Settings >>Manage Music >> Configure Music Store >> View Store
It shows Capacity of 3.64 TB and Available 3.54.

Sounds like I am all set there but no sign of Download folder. I will do more digging once I’m with my job in about a 2 hours.

There’s a reason I decided to download these CDs. :slight_smile: I am trying not to take the effort to slide them in my CD transport to listen to a couple of songs. I just want to get the best songs out of them and then box the pile away.

Yeah, right now my Atom is in the family/ lounge room where as the Core is in the HT room connected directly to my McIntosh MX160. I use only the core with App for that purpose.

I have BlueSound Vault2 and was hoping I could use the music I have in that storage accessed by Atom. But I guess that’s not possible due to formatting issue. Is that correct?

Thanks again.

If vault supports upnp then u can access music from their from atom.


I don’t think it does support upnp.

It does. Check here - Uniti Atom Support | Naim Audio. Search for upnp. Here is a screen shot.

I agree about the Uniti Atom supporting upnp. I was talking about the Bluesound Vault2.

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