Uniti Core

Hello Folks
Just politely asking if there are any updates planned at all for the Uniti Core here and then??

(If anybody is maintaining a list with “observations” could I contribute as well?)
Just asking…

According to Naim support, there is an update in the testing phase at the moment. No date for release but “hopefully in the next few weeks”.

On the Beta test team thread we were asked for future update ideas, so one would hope there is more functionality to come.

Thanks for the positive news! I really look forward receiving new functionality and bug fixes.

Just a few ideas:

-Status monitor when rebuilding database
-Better feedback when importing albums
-Log file of finished importing jobs
-LED feedback on any Power button Press
-A solution to fix duplicates
-Making the Core visible for Roon
-Roon Core inside Naim Core…
-or even better: Naim Ltd. buys Roon!! This was the headline No. 1 around the globe!
-Customisable Icon arrangement
-Album List display option: No Cover, only name, quality, storage folder, duration, rip date… customisable
-Internet Radio please!!
-Web GUI nice to have
-FLAC/WAV/MP3 converter

These are only a few ideas, some are nice to have, others are crucial in 2019!
There are also Bugs

Looking forward

Hi guys, whilst we are discussing the core in general, can the core rip sacd, hdcd, dvd or formats other than a cd? Just got the core back in December and so far I only ripped music cd with it. Just asking out of curiosity. TIA.

No to all of them, except if the sacd is a hybrid one with a cd layer. I have managed to rip them, afaik the others mentioned will not rip.


Thanks Gazza.

And the most important functionality to be added: Metadata editing in particular for/to Downloads Imports - please, please, please Naim que j’aime! :weary:

Chag -

I’m still waiting for any update. The last one was released more than ONE F YEAR AGO!
If this continues I will sell my core as It is no longer in use anyway as it is not seen by Roon. Honestly i regret having spent that money for this useless machine from the standpoint today.
I’m rooning the music from NAS directly to a cheap ass Raspy / Volumio / Allo-Digione Streamer which works splendid for me.
I received at least 5 updates for the FREE volumio software… just for comparison.
The clock is ticking…

Have you ever compared the S/PDIF output of the Core with the S/PDIF output of the DigiOne in terms of sound quality?

The S/PDIF output was the feature of the Core that I found most interesting when it came out. I the beginning I was planning to buy it, but it readily became very clear that the software and the software support were very poor. My impression is that they threw it at the market “as it is” and without a real intention to further improve it, unfortunately. If one could install Vortexbox or Debian on the Core, it could become perhaps an interesting device.

What firmware version is your Core on? I ask because it feels to me like the last Core update was more recent than a year ago.



2.5.1 (3703) yes I recall there was a tiny “bugfix”. But no Update. Did I miss one?

I would definitely skip the core and look for other solution.

But do not miss the more important naim source!
NDX2 or NDS. Even ND5XS mk 1 is a very good sounding machine.
No one can play music like a proper naim does.
But the Software and it’s “perfomance” is a pure joke.
Sorry for being direct and clear.

2.5.1 (3703) is the current one. I think it was July 2018 release for that, so not quite a year, but anyway you are on the current release.



the roon is your only complaint? If yes, why did you bought it. You can eventually sell it and get the innuos mini instead, which is roon ready.

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