Uniti Exchange and Cable Legacy

Will any crumbs fall from the top table to us, the owners of MK1 Muso and QB, or are we for ever destined to have our noses pressed up against the glass looking in at the feast?
To be offered the lickings of a dog would be something.

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72/hicap/140 can be achieved for not much more than the price of a brand new muso.
£1500 and you can get a great 3 box system recently serviced. Ok you’ll need speakers and a source.

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Hi @robert_h
Thank you for your idea, however I do not have room for a 3 box system.

So… 72 - 140 then.

They are small boxes… :crazy_face:

Hi @IanRobertM

I do not have room on my desk for anything more then a Muso QB.

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