Uniti firmware downgrade

I have just downgraded to 2.61 firmware following Naim’s instructions after have the problems discussed all over this forum.
Naim recommends that after downgrading I upgrade again to 3.2.
Has anyone done this and has it sorted the issues.
At the moment I am considering staying on 2.61 but if there’s a consensus that upgrading to 3.2 is the way to go the I might risk it.

I go back and forth freely between 2.3.8574 and ‘current firmware’ always returning to 2.3.8574 as it just works for me.

Personally I’d suggest you try the new firmware again, you can currently always revert if you have the older one.

It’s not as easy as you might expect to compare them due to the inherent delay in the update installing, but my preference has been consistent.

Also try a variety of music tracks, not just those that sound good on one version.

The big discriminator for me is involuntary toe tapping or enjoying and wanting to listen to tracks/albums through rather than mentally analysing 90 seconds or so.

@Alley_Cat. Thanks for your replies.
While I am aware there are sound differences I am more concerned at the moment about the stability/reliability of 3.2.
I have been one of those that have has issues with 3.2 and while I think there is a slight improvement in sound, I don’t want to be stuck with stability problems like frozen screens and non active remotes.

If anyone has done the downgrade/upgrade because of those issues, I would be happy to hear their experiences.

Where can these instructions be found ? And where to download the older firmware ? Have been searching the site but wasn’t able to find any …

You won’t find instructions or a link on the NAIM site or on this forum. Naim will give you a link and instructions if you ask. They want to monitor the requests to downgrade which is quite understandable.

OK, thanks

Don’t expect an instant response. It took over a week and 3 emails before I heard anything.
I’m sure they are busy but …

Really ? I have just send them an email … I’ll report progress in the forum.

Ok … I gave in, the itch was too itchy not to scratch. Have upgraded to 3.2. We’ll see how it goes. If it all goes into elevated mammary mode I can always downgrade again now that I have the 2.61 file.

I emailed them at the time of the previous update and recieved a reply in a day. I guess it may depend on how busy they are.

I received a response within the hour ! Complete with instructions and download link for the 2.6.1 version. They should send me also a new 3.2.0 version but forgot to include it, so I’m waiting on that. I’m curious what the build nr is of the new 3.2.0 version (4222 was the nr mentioned in the other thread)

I found the instructions a little confusing. I don’t think they send 3.2. Was it Connor who replied?
He made it sound as if they also send a link to 3.2 but I dont think thats so.
I had to read it a few times before I made sense of it.
To update to 3.2 just go to settings on the home page.

Yes, that is what he replied to me now. First downgrade and then the unit/app itself shall ask for an update to 3.2.

Phew!! Glad that’s the case cos that’s what I did.
I would be interested to hear how it worked for you.

Can this downgraded firmware be shared, or is it unique to the individual S/N?

It can’t be shared on the forum. You need to contact Naim. They want to keep track of the number of users who want to downgrade and their reasons for doing so.

Downgrade / Upgrade was a piece of cake. I’ll soon report if anything changed (for the good)

Very curious to learn what has changed for you, if anything. Luckily I am not experiencing any issues with my Atom. :blush:

Yesterday evening and this morning the unit functioned exactly as it should. It woke up from standby, responded to the remote, no display stuck. Display blacked out after 2 hours (unwanted for me, but behavior as implemented), but came alive a soon as I used the remote. I’m astonished. Up until now this downgrade/upgrade seems to work for me. I’ll keep my breath for the next few days. BTW, I’m running on now