Uniti lite CD drawer, 53 audio tracks CD

Hi, I had an issue with the CD drawer not opening. After visiting an older topic here, I was able to fix the hardware. However, still another error appears: When I insert a CD containing 53 audio tracks, the player would play the music, but never open the drawer again. I have to open the case, the subunit cover, take out the CD and restart the player. Other CDs with less tracks work fine. Has anyone observed that before? CD firmware on my device shows 10.18.

I have a lite and despite changing the belt it doesn’t open 50% of the time.

When it doesn’t open I just pull the draw cover down and the tray can then come out.

Never had to take the case apart.

I feel the mechanism isn’t powerful enough to get past the doors spring/resistance, especially if belt isn’t tight. Maybe your CD is heavier than others. I have some older CDs that are thicker than others.

That’s what happened before changing the belt. Now, the 53 track CD does not appear different from the other ones. If the tray is blocked with that particular CD, pulling the drawer does not help. Turning off and on does not help either, because the CD is read-in at the start and then blocked. To be honest, my guess is a control firmware issue - CDs with high number of tracks are not very common. I don’t recommend testing unless you are fine with opening the housing and internal CD cover. Maybe Naim engineers could check their code for this.

It something I haven’t heard of before but perhaps @NeilS knows the answer. Then again, I can’t think of any CDs in the thousands I own that have that many tracks!

My copy of Kerosene Hat by Cracker has 99 tracks - mostly empty - but that was only ever played on manual load Naim CD players.

I did wonder if the CD player might be getting confused by a non-Red Book disc?

I think it is confused by the disc, although I don’t know whether this one does conform or not. The CD accompanied a score book for learning to play the guitar.

Hi p20epi,

This rings a very distant bell in my head. It certainly sounds like the amount of tracks is causing the issue.
I’ll do some digging…


Perhaps you can rip the CD and play it as you have a Uniti.

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Hi Neil, Thanks! I’m looking forward to what you can find.
BR p20epi

Apologies for the delay - I had a chat with my colleagues, one other instance of this issue was reported & investigated. It was found to be a software bug, one that we must assume was never ironed out.
Realistically, I would imagine there is little chance of it being resolved now, given the relatively rarity of discs with so many tracks & this being (possibly) only the second report.
As was mentioned above, your best work around is to rip the disc to a USB stick or NAS drive and stream it to the Unitilite.

Just my personal take on it, if you want the official company response regarding a resolution, please drop Mark Bonner a line at Tech Support.


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Hi Neil,
thanks for looking into that. Knowing that there is this limitation is most important, but I have the impression that several users who encounter this issue would just think that the CD player is a bad construction. I know that releasing a new firmware is work more than just changing the code. Actually, it might be interesting for me and some of us to know how many tracks are safe. Do you have this information?
Streaming the ripped content of this particular CD is OK for me - thanks for the idea.
Best regards, p20epi

As Neil suggests above, it would be best to contact Mark Bonner at Naim Tech support.

If it helps, our test discs have 44 tracks with no issues.


Hi Neil,
yes, it does.
That should be on the safe side for most CDs.
Best regards,

Hi Richard, thanks. I’ll watch out for any software update. For now, my questions are answered.
Best regards, p20epi

I have one fairly recent CD with 73 tracks. I am tempted to put it into my Unitilite to see. (But I would have to find it first). Here it is on my Core.

Better make sure you know where your screwdrivers are too…

This particular Rachmaninov CD gave some very odd results when ripped by the Core and I reported that in the beta group at the time. That led directly to a Core firmware change being embodied in the then current beta a few days later. I remember that the then tester at Naim bought the CD with the largest number of tracks she could find on Amazon and mentioned that she was “looking forward” to listening to her new CD of brass band music…

But maybe I won’t try putting it in my Unitilite now.



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