Uniti Mk.1 cd player problem

Hello, when I removed the magnetic puck, the “platter”(?)came with it, revealing the drive spindle.
I examined it, and there seems to be a radial hairline crack, which I assume is responsible for the loss of mechanical grip?
Tempted as I am to use a minute drop of latex adhesive, or similar, I wondered if anyone can help before I try that, please? As it is, presumably, just a push fit onto the drive spindle, I hope a replacement platter would be available.
I haven’t contacted my dealer, as it were, and don’t really want to have to return it to Naim if possible.
A quick try seems to play ok.
Thanks, in advance.

Had the same thing happen to mine a few years ago. Naim sent part to dealer who fixed it.

Thanks, Graham, that’s good to know. I’ve had a call from my dealer ( do they ever rest?) and clarified the issue, and who will contact Naim, so should hear back in the next few days.
The Uniti’s getting on a bit, these sort of things are going to become more frequent, but I like what it is and what it does, being a one box solution.

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Spoken to Naim, who recommend return to them, not as simple as it looks, they say.

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