Uniti Nova 2 months in

I thought it appropriate to give some general feedback on my Nova two months into its life at my home.
I’ve notched up well over 100 hours by now, probably in excess of 200 hours, but I haven’t been counting particularly, just using an average of 3 hours a day, which in lockdown is probably an underestimate.
Coming from a Nait 5i the differences, especially now, are nothing short of spectacular, both in sonic terms and in usability. So much so, I’m going to have to break it down into sections, in no particular order, as I’m no hi-fi reviewer.
I have to declare that it was a bit of an impulse purchase, done on my experience of the Naim brand and sonic signature which I’ve always loved. I have no regrets. In fact, I’d say I’m ecstatic with the re-ignition of my music listening enjoyment. I think that sometimes, in our quest for “perfect” sound, we forget about the music. Now I’m not suggesting for one minute that “gear” isn’t important, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought my Nova, but there has to be a limit we can all be happy with.
Now the Nova isn’t perfect, no equipment can be, but as a “one stop shop” this has to be as “perfect” a compromise as any piece of electronics can be.

I cannot over-emphasise my love of the internet radio options. Now these are not “hi-fi” in the true sense of the word, but FIP radio, in particular, has given me hours of enjoyment and opened a massive door into the musical world at a quality of sound that is incredibly good for casual listening and its ease of access is a pure marvel. Spotify has been a recent musical change for me as well, especially with a family of six all happily streaming music to the several devices we have, that utilise Spotify Connect. Sound quality is very good, but the main advantage to me is from a music point of view. Quick access to all sorts of new music, whether via “Shazaming” FIP radio or via the good folks of this community, whose musical suggestions have been enlightening and very welcome, to say the least, is a real joy. In fact, I have bought more CD’s over the last two months than in the last five years, based on new finds and the recommendations of this community, so I thank everyone for that.
The fact you can rip CD’s onto an SD card at “redbook” quality or better is such a bonus, especially for those recordings that one wants to delve into at a deeper level, and for that the Nova is astonishing. Even without the use of Roon, the Naim app is more than user-friendly enough for my liking and the benefits sound wise are well worth it.

Bass is the first thing I need to mention, in a WOW sort of a way. The control, timing, definition and tune playing ability is astonishing, to the point where my legs are constantly tapping away, almost without my knowing it. It has taken a while for the Nova’s bass to come on song and it seems to be getting better with time, but it has been an eye-opener for me, or should I say ear-opener! This has also been noticeable via the headphone output as well, which is no slouch and an unexpectedly marked improvement as well.
The midrange and treble are leagues ahead of my old Nait 5i, with massively improved clarity, detail, soundstage and dynamic headroom in more complex passages and astonishing intimacy during gentler ones.

Now I know that more of the same is available from higher up the Naim separates range, but this is “end-game” for me, at least from an electronics point of view. I bought the Nova as a means of upgrading sound and functionality but avoiding the multiple array of boxes that many of you have, so I’m happy with my lot, especially not having to fret about this cable and that, power supplies et al.

I could ramble on about caveats or give more superlatives about the Nova, but you know what, I feel a bit of Led Zeppelin coming on!


Yep, its a great unit, enjoy it! :+1:


I absolutely love my Nova too! I also love FIP. If you download the FIP app to your phone then rather than using Shazam, you just look at the App to find out what is on FIP through your Nova. ATB


And that’s what it’s all about, stop worrying about the kit and play music. Thanks for the great write-up.


I know that using Airplay I can get album art as well, but a lot of the time I’m happy just to let it play. So nice for someone else to curate.

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You, my friend, brought me a smile to my face. What a pleasure is to read such words of my dream machine.


It’s an awesome all-in-one, I love mine.


Very nice review, I also love my Nova, both the sound quality and design are fantastic! I typically use Qobuz (through Roon or directly) and internet radio (FIP and Radio Paradise). No urge anymore to upgrade.


Now the Nova isn’t perfect, no equipment can be, but as a “one stop shop” this has to be as “perfect” a compromise as any piece of electronics can be.

…I would say that the Nova is a “2 stop shop” or “all-in-two”, having auditioned a NAP250DR with the Nova I now have one on order… :slight_smile:

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Could not agree more. I have a 500 based system and moving house at the moment so is all packed away safely. I bought a nova (and a core as internet is rubbish here so streaming is not really an option) as I have plans for it in the new house. I have it sitting on my very empty fraim now and amazed at just how close to the 500 system it sounds vs the £ spent. I understand the law of diminishing returns etc but the nova/core combo (I have a full fat poweline feeding it which I think helps a lot) is a winner. Agree on the internet radio, I have far too many favorites saved now but love that feature. Happy Biddler from Essex :slight_smile:


I love mine too.
When I turn it up it doesn’t just get louder like previous systems, it gets more exciting/involving and draws you in.
I’ve never experienced that before. Very happy.


Hi, I added a full fat e bay purchased power line, put it On a hi fi racks plinth and subscribed to Qobuz. Hard to imagine how much I’d need to spend to get a major upgrade. Maybe a Super Nova one day😊

How would you describe the improvements of the Powerline?

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I’ve had it a while so used to it as it is. I seem to recall better bass definition, more space and separation. All subtle but worth the £300 I paid. Not sure It’s worth list price though.

Yep, love my Nova too. It punches way way above its weight and as a one box solution it would be very hard to beat.


Another thumbs up for the Nova … ( and Core )
Perhaps this is the best vfm point in the Naim range…?
A powerline and music works block ( without shiny bottom ) made a worthwhile improvement .


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